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Overcome Stress, Lose Anxiety, Get Rid of That Fear of Death, Proof of Afterlife

by Lola Jones

So Many Are Wanting Proof of Life After Death

"Mediums are so popular right now because people are wanting proof of the afterlife.... wanting direct evidence from their deceased loved ones that there is life after the physical body dies. They're worried about what will happen when they die."

That was my friend's comment today.

I added, "Your entire perspective on life becomes more positive and comfortable when you know you'll live beyond this body."

Fear of death produces a background noise of fear and stress.

My Brush with Death

Back in Texas many years ago when I was still adjusting to leading the retreats, the new energy I was running was just overwhelming at times. For a while it would feel as if I was wired for only 110 volts but 220 volts were running through me until I adjusted to it, got my wiring upgraded, and then it would settle down for a while.

Then another upgrade would come along and my 220 volt wiring would get pushed to say 330, and I'd over-amp for a bit till I got used to it.

I'd been in one of those "stretching my capacity phases," and it was really intense and uncomfortable. One day, I felt a curious feeling I'd never had before as I sat on the edge of (not in) my hot tub: all of my energy rushed up to the crown of my head, leaving my body feeling disoriented, dizzy, and weak. It was as if all my energy was leaving my body through the crown, which is what happens when you die. 

I instantly knew I was on the edge of death, but I was completely relaxed about it. I started to have a calm, unconcerned inner conversation that went something like this: "I could go... that would be okay... it doesn't seem to matter, it's all good. I could go... or I could stay. I have no preference either way.... hmmm, isn't it interesting that I have zero emotion about this?"

Then my body wouldn't move no matter how I tried. Rather nonchalantly I spoke to my partner working inside our home office, inside the house about 30 feet away,

I called out, "I can't move my body."

"You're joking, right?" was his reply.

"No, I'm not joking. I can't move my body below my head."

The next thing I remember I was lying on my back, upside down on the deck because my legs were still up over the side of the hot tub. As I looked up at his face against the sky he was pushing hard on a spot just above my upper lip, as coaches do when a fighter is knocked out, to bring them back to consciousness.

He had walked out to see what was going on just in time to see me topple into the hot tub and go underwater. He grabbed me so fast I hadn't breathed in any water yet, if I had indeed been breathing, but I was still out. I didn't get far enough out to go through a tunnel of light; it all happened very fast.

The episode changed me somehow, giving me a major wiring upgrade.

The over-amped energy was gone and never came back.

Now I had proof without a doubt that I had no fear of death.

I'd always intellectually known and said I was okay with death--but this better--this was experience facing death. This wasn't a theory--this was going to the brink of death and being alright with it.

I know I was meant to stay by the fact that my partner pulled me out.

When my day does come I want to intentionally decide to leave my body. Many people have done just that: it's called conscious dying.

Real mediums are certainly amazing. Scott and I enjoy Teresa Caputo's TV show, Long Island Medium. She's  so down to earth but dramatic enough to be a success on TV. She helps people validate their belief in Source, or Spirit, or God, or whatever you prefer to call it. A lot of people need that hope and comfort.

My friend's comment got me thinking about fear of death, which I never do, because I don't have it! When I started writing this blog I searched my photo service for images of "the afterlife." I expected beautiful uplifting images, but NO! I was shocked: the majority of the pictures that came up were scary pictures of hell and demons! What???

That definitely let me know it was time to contribute something on this subject.

Religion has for centuries filled our subconscious minds with terrifying images of devils, demons, guilt, and punishment from God.

My uncle just transitioned out of his physical body at 92, uneasy about what awaited him in the afterlife. We talked about it several times, and my soothing wasn't completely accepted because he was afraid that not believing in Hell would contradict the Bible and send him to Hell!

He was stuck between a rock and a hot place, you see.

Oh, well, he knows now! "Hi Uncle Lou Lou!"

Even though we think we've evolved past those primitive beliefs, those Ancient Mind stories, images and vibrations can still be lurking in the darkest chambers of our psyches, the old survival oriented parts of our brains, and the cells of our bodies. Hey, I can still get startled in the dark.

This factor also comes powerfully into play: all physical beings are hardwired to avoid death at all costs. That kind of fear of death is a healthy survival instinct. It keeps you from stepping in front of speeding cars while crossing the street. That's not fear; that's smart.

The article continues after this...

Lifetime spiritual growth course

Wake up to the You that Knows Its Eternal Nature

Those of you who are ready to begin losing your fear of death right now, and begin living the life your heart desires, can do it right now.

Meet the You that has no question about your eternal nature in the 5 Portals of Awakening.

Do you need to talk to dead people to know?

But does it really take having dead people talk to us to assure us we're safe and loved, and convince us we're more than these physical bodies?

No, not necessarily.

There are a number of ways to lose your fear of death, and each has its pros and cons. I'll only cover the methods that permanently banish the fear of dying. The methods that try to "talk you out of it" or urge you to just "not think about it" aren't effective and and don't last.

  1. Near death experiences. These give you a direct experience of going into the non-physical realm and seeing, feeling, hearing Source Energy directly. Oddly, these sometimes cause you to have a happier, more awakened and fulfilled life... and sometimes they do not. Sometimes they actually cause people to be less happy after they return to their body after being freed from it.
  2. Proof from a medium who gives you information only the deceased could possibly know. It's helpful, but it may or may not relieve your fear of death because you haven't had the awakening yourself.
  3. Personal experience other than near death, such as enlightenment and awakening experiences, visions, Direct Knowing, epiphanies, visitations, deep meditations, cosmic experiences, and dreams. When you get lit up with Source Energy and your consciousness is expanded sufficiently, the fear of death just leaves you. This is how Divine Openings frees you from fear of death. It requires no processes, thought, or effort, and it is permanent.

I'm admittedly biased about Divine Openings (as in #3 above) being the best way to lose your fear of death, because personally I like to get my answers and aha's from within whenever possible rather than seek answers outside myself.

Divine Openings turns on your access to your God Self.

enlightenment on fear of death gone

You CAN Completely Lose Your Fear of Death

You can absolutely lose your fear of death quite easily through your own personal experience--direct and without a medium--if you'd like to.

I felt moved to offer comfort and relief on this subject, but more than that, wouldn't you like crystal clarity and certainty about who you really are--not just as a nice hopeful thought in your head, but as a deep knowing down in your gut?

I always feel most in alignment when sharing from real experience, and fear of death is an area I've mastered. Most of my students can attest that they've lost their fear of death too.

What if you could know in your heart, and feel that peace that passes understanding? That's what happens in the 5 Portals of Awakening. when you evolve into living and thinking from your Large Self. Your Large Self is literally larger than fear, so does not experience fear.

If you could feel and know your phenomenal spiritual self in a very real way, and know for sure that you are much more than your body, wouldn't you relax about death?

If you had a mind-blowing experience of just how expansive an eternal being you actually are, wouldn't you be at peace with death?

There are more positive side effects of intimately knowing your Larger Self, that non-physical, spiritual You than we care to list here, but here are some key ones:

  1. Freedom from worry, being able to relax into truly knowing and feeling all is well
  2. Inner guidance and spiritual self-sufficiency
  3. Money becomes a non-issue as you relax and become more allowing of flow
  4. Ability to allow more Grace, guidance and good into your life
  5. More love, harmony, and satisfaction

It's Not Really "Overcoming" Fear of Death

What Divine Openings does isn't "overcoming fear of death" or getting rid of it, because once you're aware of and living as your Larger Self, at that point there's nothing to overcome. There's no battling with fear--the anxiety about death just disappears quite naturally as you progress even a little way along with Divine Openings. You don't have to work on it, or even think about it.

This isn't talking yourself out of the anxiety or distracting yourself from the fear--it's literally losing your fear of death.

lose fear of deathTo put it in a light and humorous way, which is how you'll see it when you get there:

It will feel as if you left your fear somewhere, just as you might lose your coat.

You can't remember when or where you left it.

All you know is you can't quite find it again.

With Divine Openings, anxiety in general diminishes quite rapidly. Eventually it goes away entirely. One is left with a sense of all being right with the world, with life, and with everything. The fear of death just fades away along with all the other anxieties that seemed so real before.

You see, your Larger Self, that Non-Physical You (some call it a soul but that isn't accurate) that is much more expansive and all-knowing than human You, has no fears. That You is already non-physical. It's already blissfully left many physical bodies before, and isn't the least bit anxious about it. There is such freedom and power in personally knowing, BEing that Larger aspect of You.

It will feel as if you left your fear of death somewhere,
just as you might lose your coat.

You can't remember when or where you lost it.
All you know is you just can't find it again.

There's nothing better than personal experience. I'll share my own experiences. Then I'll share precisely how to get this peace for yourself.

It's easy. And best of all, the blessings that come along with it are enormous.

Because you see, losing the fear of death is just one side effect of waking up to who you really are, getting really happy in this life, and having this life work for you. Losing your death anxiety just happens, as your life struggles diminish and success increases.

We must lose fears in order to be and live as Large as we could. Fear holds us back, tightens us up, shrinks our consciousness down to survival level, the lowest level of functioning there is.

Say yes to the guidance that caused you to question if there is life after "death.

Honor the Larger You that brought you here.

Your asking has led you to a portal, an opening into a life of clarity, inner security, peace, and calm.

A life where all is well with your life and you feel with certainty, you know in your bones, not just your head, that there is no death.

There is more Non-Physical help standing by for you than you can imagine. Step into your awakening,  deepen your current enlightenment, or bring it all more down to earth in practical areas like money, relationships, anxiety, depression, health, etc.

You CAN have spiritual bliss and live happily on this earth. You planned it that way before you came here.

Read on to find out how to begin your journey to mastery, where there is no fear of death.


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