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Noticing Your REAL Life

"The Weather Is Always Fine Inside Your Heart"

We have the opportunity to have an inward day tomorrow on Easter Sunday, a day of renewal, rebirth.

Here's a suggestion for something to do....... well, more like "not do":

All our lives we focus on what is "going on", what is "happening" in our lives.
The focus is on our activities, our bodies, our finances, jobs, hobbies, pets, other people, the world we think of as "out there". "Reality."

That is wonderful, and yet, inside, steadily humming along, is our actual "life".
The life that animates us, that lives us, is constant, never-changing, always blissful.
Right here inside.
What a clever place to hide it.
And we don't even notice it.
We're so busy looking at what it creates, we don't feel IT.

How often do we STOP, and have a direct experience of the pure life in us?
Even when we meditate, are we searching for something,
trying to create something, trying to escape something?

Americans are addicted to constant action, constant distraction. 
How much time do we take to experience the perfection that is right here?
Right here inside.
The weather is always fine deep inside.
Come on in!

It's the light that shines through the film that makes the movie
And which is real?

Have a lovely weekend,

PS - 
Like some help in re-finding that deep inner communion?
Couple of spaces left in the Divine Openings Level One Course that starts Wednesday, April 11th, 7-9:30 pm.
And new ones start weekly.
Call me at 512-243-3832 to begin a new dimension of living.

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