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Spiritual Enlightenment Is Not About Everything Going Perfectl

Spiritual enlightenment is not about perfection. Surprise.

Even being advanced is not about everything going perfectly.

It's how you surf it, and use it for evolution.

Admit it, you love yourself some drama. You gawk at car wrecks on the highway. You can't help peeking at the National Enquirer at the grocery store to see what disease some famous person has or who's divorcing. Brangelina Jolie itself (yes, I stole that from Tina Fey) is fascinating in an indescribable way.

You get bored when everything is roses and puppies. You want a little adventure, a little spice, contrast, challenge, something to sink your teeth into. Admit this and you're free to enjoy it all happily and productively!

Spiritual enlightenment is about surfing the waves, not floating above them. Get your feet wet!

How much fun can you have navigating the rapids and shooting off the ski jump, even if it's in your office? How hard can you laugh when you and your mates crack each other up about something people are miserably serious about? How much proactive fun can you stir up to stretch yourself, so you don't have to unconsciously create drama to get a little stimulation action? Donna and I send each other funny emails about anything challenging that's going on. Get silly. Laughter lightens everything!

So many seek spiritual enlightenment, thinking it will banish negative emotion forever. That's an ill-chosen goal. Bounce off that contrast toward what you want, and have maximum fun doing it. Every challenge we have here turns out to stimulate improvements.

We appreciate it.... eventually.... ha ha.
Love,  Lola

Here's a Piraro cartoon that made me laugh out loud. So will you bounce to higher enlightenment, or crumble?


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