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Next Level Evolution Flows to You

I am graced with the privilege of being a leading-edge way-paver, translator, and signal tower, so that others can simply tune to it and get it. I love my job!
My Non-Physical "connections" guide me and feed me the streams of energy and words, and I am constantly in appreciation and awe of that. It's not about doing, it's about vibrating. I'm wired to light you up, and keeping that leading-edge energy flowing works for both you and me.
I'll try to put it in words.
Many of you know our move to San Diego was guided from within. We knew it would be more than just a physical move--it was symbolic of a whole new level of spiritual movement--a letting go of the known for the as-yet-unknown next level. Leaving old routines to open vast space for the new. If I'm not changing, evolving, and unfolding, I am less alive. (More on that for you in the next article.)
As I follow guidance to unfold more of my gift, light and bliss increases, and that has happened in a big way this past three years.
Everything seems to align with it: when Scott and I were living at the beach waiting for this house to be available, every day we walked down the beach, then a few blocks through town to the gym each day. One day we saw the angel wings (below) on a wall. I stood in front of them, tapped in deep, and he took these pictures that so beautifully express the new energies of soaring, brightness, and lightness.
... and now we've been in our new home in Alpine, up in the mountains for 2 1/2 years! It's still flowing. Scott's building a pool himself, and landscaping it lovingly -- it's gorgeous--a tropical paradise.
I feel much more coming. I've asked for it. I'm ready.
New waves of energy and inspiration are coming in, and I relish translating them into this dimension to share them with you. The 5 Day Bliss Retreats are always fresh and new each time, and that's one reason so many people come back to go to the next level, and now I'm being given guidance in how to make them even more impactful. I savor the co-creating with you.

Luxuriate and expand in this flow.

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