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People have been asking me if I know where Kate Nowak went. You may know that she launched my work worldwide. You may have been on her Blessings email list and looked forward to those daily. I apologize that the Money podcasts Kate recorded of me and her, that she was going to post, did not all get posted on her site. I eventually took down the link. Then I stopped hearing from Kate at all, and really missed our conversations and laughter. I am still on her website as a Blessings Team Member, but wondered why she had stopped responding to me. Finally I wrote a mutual friend of ours, one of her best friends, who said Kate's husband is ill, and she dropped everything to take care of him. That friend hasn't even heard from her in months, so that's all I know for now, but please put Kate and her husband in your thoughts and prayers.

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An ocean can fall on your head, but if your pipes are only as large as a drinking straw, you might get a teacup full. Grace is constantly raining on you, so ask not for more Grace, but for larger pipes. Divine Openings expands your pipes.
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