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New Years Resolutions

If any of you knew me, you'd not be a bit surprised that my New Years Resolution list would come toward the end of the first week of February.  My family would all shake their heads in unison.... agreed, exasperated, and finally accepted.  I have had a birthday card with a beautiful Maya Angelou quote that perfectly describes how wonderful my Mother is and my gratitude for her in my life...... for 6 years.... (going on 7!)  I swear, this year I'm gonna give it to her.....that is, if I can find it!

You would, however, be surprised that I AM making resolutions.  I watch the whole world around me making, and breaking them within weeks of each other, I'm not impressed.  I decided a long time ago to try to be a better person today, than I was yesterday... and just do that everyday.  I figure that's as good a goal as any and I don't need a new year to encourage me to do it.

So, this year, I have/had 2 resolutions.... the first was get organized!!! Physically, Financially, Mentally. (Emotionally was included in the original list, but upon further feeling, I decided against it!)

Physically, I want to cook and eat healthier food, do yoga and tai chi, get my physical surroundings in order, clearing clutter and getting rid of what I don't use/need/care about.

Financially, I want to be fully aware of the transfer of money from my hands to whom and for what? Are these things necessary, do they make me feel great, am I going to be at peace with this transaction later? Also, being aware of the money coming to me... feel the flow of abundance, appreciate the source and rave about it as often as possible.

Mentally, I want to keep my mind open to all possibilities and never see things as anything other that what they are... perfect. I don't have to understand, right now, why things are happening. Just know its all going swimmingly!

Emotionally, I feel what I feel and there is sometimes, always, never, organization in that! Just “Let Go”, be in the flow... its always there!

My second resolution, is.... Make more lists!!!

I've always made the usual ones.... 'to do' tasks for "home" work, "auto" work, "work" work.... you know the lists.  That, never ending, running tally of what you need to get done.  When I make the list, they are just things I have to do.  When I'm finished, I have at least three, nope, four, I forgot the grocery list.  So, four lists running through my head, in hopes that one of the tasks will fall effortlessly into place between the other things I have going on that day.  Its not something I worry over, it just happens naturally...  I appreciate 'effective efficiency'. ((( I came up with that phrase while my "Large Self", wrote my “Dream Job” Cover Letter.  I got this great job with a wonderful woman named Lola Jones (maybe you've heard of her?) about a month after I wrote that letter, and my life has not been the same since! More on that later!))) My resolution, however, is to make new and better lists... ones that don't just include to do items.

My “latest” lists have been God Lists... they're everywhere. I write them where ever I am and whenever I need to. Its amazing how freeing they are! If I'm in the car and start feeling overwhelmed or over extended... I'll grab an envelope and write down what I need help with. Then it goes right back, whence it came! (usually the trash bag or side pocket of my car door) At home I have them in all my notebooks, in my journal and on the backs of junk mail. A reminder of my need to find the website that stops junk mail... but that's another list.

So, as I contemplate my resolutions... (I don't just jump into things....... unless I feel like it). It becomes more and more clear, my first resolution, getting organized... could be eliminated completely if I went about my 2nd resolution the “right way”. What I really want aren't any of the things on my “to do” list... what I want, makes all those things easy!

Crystal's To Do's ToDay!!!

  • Relax

  • Experience Peace and Ease

  • Work intuitively and productively

  • Feel and appreciate the satisfaction of a job Well Done

The rest is cake!

Love you all!


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