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A NEW Video of Lola's Retreat Heaven

NEW Video of Lola's Retreat Heaven

Scott has beautified his and Lola's Heavenly retreat home in Alpine so much since the first videos two and a half years ag. A friend said, "Wow, the house has gotten lighter, and I didn't think that was possible!!!" So it was time for a new video to usher you in for a look around, and invite you to a blissful retreat! And it is so much fun to make videos to share with you.

You'll FEEL how much Lola and the energy have expanded, too. After you go home from the retreat,  YOU keep on expanding as long as you stick to the simplicity and keep letting Grace in.

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5 Days of Deep Immersion with Lola

Suddenly bliss bubbles up. You're directly experiencing The Presence, feeling carried by Grace. Issues and problems mysteriously dissolve as awakening flowers--your Expanded Self doesn't have those issues.

Stop the madness! Divine Openings is the end of seeking, processing, and working on yourself. Get happy and fulfilled NOW.

Lola has moved to a whole new level of powerful teaching, and you will too in the juicy new, go-higher-than-ever, get-it-easier-than-ever, 5 Day Bliss Retreat.

Intimate setting at Lola's place in Alpine, California

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Interactive Webinar Series' are delighting everyone with results more profound and powerful than sessions. Even more rocket juice with the new Maps to be introduced! The group co-creative energy is so exciting we look forward to the deep dives each week. You participate a bit, then sit back and let it wash over you... and things just.... HAPPEN!

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