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New Map through Portals

by Lola Jones
A growing number of people in the Divine Openings community are deepening into unimagined states of consciousness on the recent accelerated momentum.

It's unique for everyone.

Some are expressing it as "indescribable sweetness," "everything just works," "in love with Life," or "all is miraculously, beautifully well just as it is." 

We know. If you just discovered Divine Openings this might sound too good to be real. We've been there. No amount of "work" ever got us here, but Divine Openings did.

There are simple steps. When you can focus and allow radical simplicity, the steps flow you from one stage of consciousness to the next... and the next.....

body electric1 0What's Beyond That?

Some speak of a state they call "undefinable," "oneness," "mystical," "no words," or "new and fresh like a baby, reborn every day."

They're already there ... yet there may still be a need to mature spiritually to handle it well, stabilize, integrate it into the world.

You're in the perfect place for you at this time, and there is more, always more, if you wish. For me too. Happy here, and open to more. Even contrast leads to more delight... there is no end to endlessness.

You might not even call it Divine Openings anymore at a certain point, because it's so intimately personal between you and The Presence. Divine Openings provides the openings, the guidance, the map to each portal. You walk the path enjoying, and you step through each one.

You stay with it without distraction, and somehow, beyond logic or linearity, although you're not working at it, those steps eventually explode into something more....

You're Invited to Experience the New Map

Introducing the new "map" that will help everyone get there even more reliably.... and faster.... although I must qualify.... there is no value in speed unless you lay a strong foundation and mature at each step. Some of you are already on the brink. If you're just beginning Divine Openings now, so what if it takes a year total, even a few years total?..... so much shorter than a lifetime (or lifetimes) of seeking and working on yourself and never arriving! This new map is introduced in the upcoming Webinar Series' and Retreats. Some experiences must be live. Books can't convey them. 

Do the Maps End?

There's no precise map past a certain point, but Divine Openings still helps with the maturing process, provides grounding and integration with the physical world, and a community that supports, shares, and understands. We co-create on the leading edge. With Love, Ease, and Grace,
Lola Jones and our now rather extended Divine Openings Team  

LIVE with Lola - Interactive Webinar Series' delighting everyone with results more profound and powerful than sessions. Even more rocket juice with the new Maps to be introduced! The group co-creative energy is so exciting we look forward to the deep dives each week. You participate a bit, then sit back and let it wash over you... and things just.... HAPPEN! Experience the Maps To and Through the Portals.

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As with breathing deeply and drinking plenty of water, some of the key choices in life are very simple ones.
Lola Jones