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Big Move, Big Energy Movement! New California Retreat Location

It's been a fabulous adventure

Retreat California Divine Openingsby Lola Jones

Hi loves, it's been a fabulous adventure these past three months, selling our home in Ojai, which went so fast we didn't even have time to do a garage sale. Then while biding time on the beach in San Diego the new house showed up super fast. Then as sometimes happens, all that high, fast vibration loosens up some dense, old energy.

Of course there's always buried treasure there if we can allow it and feel it, and it was.... very big.

I'll use my experience to open up some big treasure for you on the next webinar Saturday, August 12, 2017. Join us!

In the meantime, soak up the high vibration of our new Alpine home and NEW retreat location for California in the video below.

Much love and Grace,

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Retreat California Divine Openings


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