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Nadine's New Life, and a Gift from Lola

We always love hearing from you, and hearing how Divine Openings lights up your lives absolutely makes our day.

Savor the good vibrations in this article Nadine Landwehr just sent us from Germany. Reading it will prepare you for the Divine Opening at the bottom of the newsletter--a gift to you from Lola!  

Love from all of us at Divine Openings

Nadine's new life...

I am so excited to be going to the retreat in Germany in October and savoring the feeling of the coming initiation as a Certified Guide. Going to the retreat for the second time already feels so delicious knowing what good will come.

I just want to share this rave with you.

My life has become a totally different life since my first retreat. Life is just so much more about fun, pleasure, love and appreciation. And all of this is coming with so much ease. No hard working anymore.

It feels like now I get the updated version of Life with all kinds of upgrades and extras - so delicious. Speaking of upgrades, my family literally received upgrades during our trip to Norway. We took the ferry to go there and they gave us a cabin with ocean view as an upgrade instead the booked inside cabin. Furthermore we received an upgrade for our apartment in Oslo for whatever reason. So we had the pleasure to stay in a bigger apartment closer to the city center and to the beautiful castle.

I feel like I could already write a whole book just raving about all the changes Divine Openings has brought to me so far.

So I would like to share just the most recent highlights with you:

  • The relationship with my husband is becoming more and more loving and fun over time. Now it feels like the best status of love, intimacy, care etc. ever, but I already feel that all these feelings are constantly deepening. Our family life with our two sons is so fulfilled with love and appreciation of one another. And now it starts to even ripple out in to our relationships with other family members.

  • Money is pretty much no issue anymore. Most of the time I just feel so rich and have the feeling of being able to chose between all the possibilities life is offering.

  • I have a new job. It is amazing how much it matches the desires I formulated before. I just focused for a while on how I wanted to feel in the new job driving to work and working there. And, of course, I focused also on some "hard facts." And guess what - they have all been fulfilled. I have very nice people around me, the working time perfectly matches my needs (with taking care of my kids). Every time I drive there I am happily sitting in my car and feeling just thankful to work in this nice place. And now I know in my bones, when the time comes and I want to create something else, I can and it will come. Wow!

  • After almost 20 years of having no contact with my father, an occasion to visit him with my kids showed up and I seized it. And during the whole visit, there were only feelings of ease, lightness, love and appreciation in my heart. All the old feelings were just gone. To me, this was the ultimate proof that it is possible to move any feelings. I am so thankful for that. It feels like I re-received a big piece of my puzzle, I feel more complete.

  • We bought a new apartment as an investment at least 10% (maybe up to 20%) under the market value. And it is unbelievable, because there are so, so many people in my city wanting to have an apartment in this area that it seems to be impossible. This woman who sold it just chose us. She told us that she received many, many inquiries and then she chose us, because she liked us so much. The whole buying procedure has passed with much ease and flow and we easily found a very nice couple who was looking for exactly this kind of apartment.

Amazing, all this happened in the last couple of weeks.

The decision to go to the retreat and then to take the Divine Openings Guide Program were definitely the best decisions I made in my life. I always tell people, if someone offers me to sponsor a tour around the world for a month or to sponsor a five day retreat with Lola, I would always go for the retreat. You can not fathom the benefits you get out of it until you do it. And then it starts to ripple out in your life and you get this new updated version of Life with all the extras just flying in.

I am so looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming retreat in October, Lola.
Thank you to all at Divine Openings so much for everything you do.

BIG HUG from Germany,


A Gift for You: a Divine Opening
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Much love and ease,


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