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My Small Self Is Becoming Enlightened, by Marion Poole, UK

Hi Lola,
A thought that has been fizzing around for a bit!!  These words were 'found' today (to be read in a jokey, upbeat sort of way)

Note from Lola: After attending the 5 Day Silent Retreat here, Marion has been giving Divine Openings seminars in UK, and is lighting it up! I'm encouraging Marion to collaborate again with Angeline, singer in UK, and make a song of this!
My Small Self Is Becoming Enlightened

My small self is becoming enlightened.
My small self is becoming kind.
My small self is becoming enlightened.
I have a ‘beautiful mind’.
I ask my mind and it speaks to me.
It shows me different ways to be free.
Ways to be, and laugh and play.
As I live throughout the day.
My small self is becoming enlightened.
My small self is helping me.
My small self is becoming enlightened.
And now I clearly see the Truth of my ‘Small Self’.
The self that cares and looks after me in ways I never could appreciate;
But now I can, because I know how best to communicate.
Those thoughts, those ‘how’ and ‘what’ questions I have fed my mind.
Those words I have ‘thrown’ to it have made my mind EXPAND and it’s AMAZING what it can find.
My mind now investigates and responds to me offering the perfect thing.
Just like a dog that can always find something interesting to bring
back to its master, so my mind is answering me.
I honour, value and respect it, and do you know what I have found?
The Peace of Mind that liberates – I AM FREE FREE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marion September 2010

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