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Oh No! I Neglected My Inner Lover!

I was trying to meditate first thing in the morning. Something was off. I felt strangely out of touch with my Large Self. How on earth did that happen???

Then it dawned on me: life was really great, but it had been busy and distracting. I had neglected chatting with The Presence for quite a while. That inner relationship had dimmed.

It was so subtle and gradual I hadn’t noticed.

My relationship with my physical world partner and lover is strong and deep because we spend a lot of quality time talking, touching, laughing, sharing, doing fun things. We prioritize time to nurture and grow our connection.

When you share and chat, you nurture a relationship.

When you stop communicating, any relationship can fade or take a back seat.

IT doesn't go away - YOU go away!

Teaching others and thinking about the “work” of Divine Openings had nourished me and expanded me, but even my work with Divine Openings didn't replace those frequent, deep, intimate moments--that quality time with just me and The Presence!

Life gets distracting. For a year my focus had been dominated by hundreds of activities and responsibilities. We had sold the home in Ojai, moved to a new town, bounced around in temporary housing for three months, bought a new home, moved in, upgraded it—while doing my normal full-time job teaching and managing the thousand moving parts of Divine Openings. Soon as we settled in it was imperative to find an additional admin and design a new $42,000 website. Yes, that is what websites at this level cost to rebuild every four years, to keep up with technology. I thought about it all the time, even dreamed about it.

No wonder I suddenly felt out of touch. Witnessing brought clarity--I instantly knew how to get back that intimate feeling with my Large Self: I resumed my Pleasure Practice of chatting internally with The Presence throughout the day.

It matters where you point your words and focus!

Here are some ideas for how to speak to your Large Self casually throughout the day.

No need to be profound, just frequent, passionate, and intimate:

  • “Look at those wildflowers!”
  • “I’m feeling this… and noticing that…”
  • “Here’s a funny joke I just heard….”
  • “Let’s go feed the ponies, clean the stalls, and enjoy the fresh air and quiet together, just you and me.”
  • “What do you think about this situation? Show me some possibilities.”
  • “I’m turning this question or work challenge over to you—it’s too big for me.”
  • “I love you, me, this wonderful life, this meal, this sky, this breeze.”
  • “Being close to you feels so good.”
  • “As I feel my heartbeat, I know you are orchestrating it all.”
  • “You showed me how this thing that appeared to be a setback was actually leading to something better.”
  • “You come first. You’re my best friend and Divine Lover.”

The difference was profound and immediate.

The reality of warm, intimate oneness with my Large Self returned.

I’m not even sure how it happened--nothing on the outside changed other than the casual chatting--but my complicated job felt easier again. I had more free time, a necessity for me to be at my best.

ACTIVITY: Chat with The Presence Like a Friend

Now make it real. Chat with The Presence right now, as you would with a friend, lover, teammate, or business partner. Tomorrow, start your day chatting with your Large Self about the upcoming day. Continue to chat with your Large Self all day.

Ease and Grace,
Lola Jones

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