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My Creative Expansion into an Unexpected New Business

How expanded your life can become? How easily can you step into your desires and let go of the same old habits? Do you have a yearning for something new? What's next for you?

Guest post by Amit Jain of Australia

These are some of the magically effective questions (EQ's) I asked while doing the Portal 2 Online Course couple of years ago. Of course, I already believed anything was possible after being in the Divine Openings realm for some time, but until that really happened I never knew how incredible life can truly be.  This is a short post on how I expanded myself into this part of my being that is limitless and extremely powerful using the incredible force of the Divine.

Amit Jain for blog postTwo years into Divine Openings, life was amazing. I was completely out of suffering and was cruising nicely. But as time progressed, I began to develop a feeling that I needed to be free of something. I felt a bit of healthy constriction within me waiting for something big to happen. This feeling went on for some time, and I couldn't figure out what.

Early this year, things really accelerated as new creative ideas and possibilities started to flow in and take shape into my reality. Almost as if I was being prepared for this all this while. I started to move my feet in the direction of the flow, and things began to stack up. The more I moved, the more I discovered. As of this writing, I am running two companies (having let go of my day job) that allow me to express myself completely. With a new company I started, I am creatively designing websites and also helping businesses reach to their customers through Google search engine optimization (SEO.)

This form of my creative expression is so much fun, and my large self is having a ball with it. Lol.

When you have a creative idea, never hold yourself from expressing it into physical. That's how we complete the divine circuit of transmuting thought into physical reality.

These days it's sometimes hard for my brain to catch up to my creative flow. We are infinite beings, and there is an unlimited potential hidden inside each of us. Once you are in alignment with your true essence, life becomes this beautiful journey of expression that gets fuller and fuller with each passing day. And I am happy to find that place in my life because of Divine Openings, Lola and this amazing community. Thank you all so much for reflecting back to me who I am.

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