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My Book Was Placed On Amazon.com By My Publisher!

I sent out a newsletter to celebrate this, but you may not be on the newsletter list.
Get on it! It's always good energy attunenent just looking at it. And the world so often attunes us in unwanted ways......  Here's the newsletter copy:

Had To Rave, And Share Something Awesome With YOU!!!

Those of you who've been doing Divine Openings a while know that when something great happens I rave about it, celebrate it, do a lot of smiling, and dance around. Pump up that appreciation energy - it feels so GOOD!
I was already thinking about writing about how with Divine Openings, Grace does 90%, and you only have to do your 10%.* Divine Openings expands your pipes so that more of the Grace that is always raining down can get in, it wakes up the Large, Unlimited Self in you, and aligns you with the entire synchronistic Universe so things fall into place with less effort.
I've been putting off getting my book "Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How To Let Go And Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting" on Amazon.com and in bookstores. It just wasn't a big priority to me. I didn't "feel" it, so I knew action and energy would be wasted if the time wasn't ripe, so with a project list a mile long, I just didn't do it.
Thousands of copies get out there by YOUR word of mouth, and through my website, www.DivineOpenings.com. There was a big complicated process I'd have had to go through to get on Amazon, there was a fee, etc.
Today I get an email, a simple email, saying that my book publisher just chose my book to be listed on Amazon.com, and that it's already up there!
Incredulous, I went to Amazon and searched it, and sure enough, there it was!
This is so cool! What an example to use for this article! Relax, enjoy life, stay out of the way, listen to the signals within, go with the flow of Grace, and let it do 90% of the work.

My 10% was to write the book and have a blast creating the website, letting that Divine genius tell me how to do it,
(it feels so yummy flowing through us)
and getting it out there.
Grace got it on Amazon and a thousand other places.

Will some of you do me a favor? There is no blurb up on the book yet, but some reviews are now posted. Would you go say what the book did for you and why people would want to read it?

Here's the link to go review it on Amazon.
Thank all of you who already did!
I cried when I read what you wrote.....
So articulate..... so loving...... and so much appreciation.....

Please keep referring your friends to www.DivineOpenings.com, thoughIt's $8 less on my site, because my publisher and Amazon marked it up. It's only $26 on my site, and $34.43 on Amazon. But worth way more.

Love you,

* PS - So... what's your 10%? What's yours to do?
The book explains that in great detail.
PS - You may at some time want the newly updated version of the book. The latest version is 177 pages, so you have a way to gauge how old your copy is. The first edition 2 1/2 years ago was 97 pages! My, how things evolve....

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