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The Two Posts Below Have The Newer Videos, But This Summer One Is Fun

Watch the videos in the next two posts first... they're newer.

I had put this video on my YouTube channel last summer, and am just now posting it here. I have 51 videos on YouTube to date, and you can join my "channel" lolajones2254, and get notices of all new videos we post, or go there to find my videos.

Wow, this brings back wonderful memories of traveling back and forth from Austin... and dreaming... just dreaming... of living in Ojai.

Now here I am, and it seems like a dream, alright! And the song just makes you soar.

Enjoy all three of the new videos I've put on the blog this weekend, two of them with have original songs. Love, Lola

The gorgeous Ojai post office tower in quaint "downtown."

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