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Music From A Lit Up, Awake Rocker!

Carlos Santana is a rocker with a spiritual foundation. I like that. This interview with him about the show in the L.A. Times is fascinating too. He's lit up, he's awake, and what he's saying resonates with me, from jamming in the flow in the middle of the show to the fascination of Las Vegas and of life.

People laugh when I say we go to Las Vegas. And I joke, "Well, what does someone who lives in nature and peace and quiet all the time do to get away from it all?"

I love Las Vegas--the creativity, the shows, art, architecture fountains, world class food, animals, aquariums, color, people. We just walk around all day looking and soaking it up. And there's a highly lit up costumer who's attended the 5 Day Retreat (then again as an Advanced Retreater) working behind the scenes at a show that we visit. I don't gamble at all. It's not my thing.

Always being one to defy stereotypes, like Carlos, <ahref="all-lola-jones-music">my music doesn't overtly scream, "This is spiritual," either. Instead, it says, "come on in everyone, feel, live life, open up, love, and have a blast!"

Carlos is not limited by any stereotype. He collaborates with musicians from every genre. His hit album Supernatural was a masterpiece of creative collaboration across many styles.

See you in Las Vegas.


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