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Music Inspired by Divine Openings

Music Inspired by Divine Openings

08/29/2020 - 00:53 Submitted by Lola Jones

Elda Suryani shares original songs inspired by Divine Openings

It's always a special treat when Elda Suryani of Indonesia sends me songs she wrote that were inspired by her Divine Openings experience. They have that high and light vibration and give us that feeling we love so much.

The video is a short song inspired by the idea of the Reservoir in my second book, Living Large.

So sweet and rich. I've listened to it over and over! 

Then listen to this song, Moments of Causeless Bliss. Deep and trippy. You can buy this song and the whole album, called Pieces That Fit at Apple Music. She recorded Pieces That Fit with the group 'Stars & Rabbit and Bottlesmoker'. 

Thank you, Elda for always thinking of me and sharing your music with us. 

Love you, Lola

Thanks for sharing this wonderful music, Elda. It has such a lightness. Can't stop to listen to it...

Much love,


Submitted by Sabine Faast
09/03/2020 - 04:00

Oh Elda what a wonderful song, filled with so much love and sweetness   thank you so much for sharing, i will look  for more of your lovely music, love  Sabine 

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