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Winds of Change

It's not just the hurricane.

The winds of change are blowing.

There's a lot of talk among my friends about how everyone is "moving." Because the Energy/Light/Intelligence on our planet is amping up, time is moving faster, the world is moving faster, we're all moving faster. But it's always been a fact of life that if we're not keeping up with where our Large Selves have zoomed off to, our Instrument Panel will register distress.

There are many kinds of movement: emotional and mental, moving through difficulties, or moving into desired lives and relationships, or physical movement. Life wants you to move, expand, open, pioneer, have adventure or let in more good.

Some of us are geographically moving. My move to Ojai, California is the main reason you've not heard much from me this summer. Before selling the ranch, finding a new home, and all the thousands of actions it takes to sell, buy, and move could happen, the non-physical energy had to be lined up. As I say in my book-in-progress Living Large: Mastering Your Power of Intention, it's easier to get the physical to line up if you've lined things up on the non-physical first. If you don't line up the non-physical first it can make doing the physical task feel like pushing rocks up hills.

My Large Self has "been in California for months." All I had to do was catch up with where my Large Self had already gone, and of course you know that's easier said than done. There was a lot to feel through, and I've been kind to myself, allowing myself to feel through it step by step, so it could be as easy and smooth as possible. It's still an adventure--but as long as there's movement, it stays manageable.

If you can stay in alignment with your Large Self even 55% of the time, you'd have an extraordinary life and people would ask, "How do you do it?" You don't have to be perfect, you don't always have to be your Large Self, just intend to catch the lower Instrument Panel readings as fast as you can, and get back in alignment. That's all.

The main point is to be moving in some way--always--rather than holding on trying not to move. Nature doesn't favor sameness, stagnation, or the comfort zone, although humans often cling to it out of fear.

"I can't take a risk, I can't go somewhere or do something new and unknown."

"I can't let go of a person, place or thing that feels comfortable to me because maybe I can't have what I really want."

Those are the thoughts and feelings we have when we won't let ourselves have a heart's desire--when we're holding ourselves back from someplace our Large Self has already gone. The bad feeling we feel isn't the situation, it's our discord with out Large Self.

You'll feel it if you are holding back from any type of movement in your life. If you're resisting movement of any kind, emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical, you just won't feel as good, and things just won't work out as smoothly--you won't be in the magical flow you've become accustomed to with Divine Openings.

You might feel angry or sad or stagnant for no apparent reason. It may seem to be about someone else, but it's not. One thing you can count on though: all of your feelings are valuable Instrument Panel readings, and they point to what you need to pay attention to within yourself. They prompt you to get moving. As you move you feel better and your Instrument Panel reading rises. It's very clear.

Nothing and no one except us can stop us from moving, opening, expanding, and getting better all the time. When something happens, whether it's something I love or don't like at all, I like to say, "I created that!" as soon as I can once I realize I'm projecting something on some outer force or person.

Another experience demonstrated this during the recent 5 Day Silent Retreat in San Clemente, CA, a beach town. For the first time I got it: I didn't try to keep my balance while walking out into the surf. As the big waves came at me I dived headfirst into every single one, which took me under and through to the other side instead of getting knocked down.. It not only worked, it was exhiliarating.

So ask yourself, "Am I moving or resisting?" "Am I diving in headfirst or trying to fight the waves?" You can tell by how you feel.

Be kind to yourself. Let yourself move.


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