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The Most Amazing Experiences

Hi Ya'll, You have no idea how much we all celebrate what is going on for you. We get about 5 thank you emails a day detailing people's experiences, but the ones I'm sharing here are some of the most amazing. There's a lot of light and humor in two of them, which I love most of all. You've got to understand that since it's my (and your) Divine Larger Aspect doing all this, it still amazes human me, Lola Jones. It's like I'm just a cowgirl along for the ride. It sure is fun, though.

Before you start reading (I know how your mind can be!!!) DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF OR YOUR PROGRESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. I don't experience stuff like this either! Your progress is perfect for you, and if you will appreciate what is, and relax (and have a sense of humor) you will go faster. Remember, Things Go Great In Your Absence.... LOL .... In the absence of your fretting! I love my experience. What an unfolding adventure it is!

They're long, but worth the read. Life is far more wonderful than fiction on this Divine Openings adventure:

1.    Hi Lola, I am continuing to read the book and view the pictures.  I will start looking at the 4th picture tomorrow morning. I can't say anything earth shattering has happened. I had a busy week at work, but it was easy to handle.

I will share this with you. For maybe the last three years I have had a dream of a woman at a ranch standing near a fence welcoming me by saying "It's about time you got here." I have never seen her face, but I felt she was a white woman middle-age or a little older.

Sunday morning I am doing my meditation and some monks show up in my meditation about 35-40 years of age. They tell me that I am one of their brothers, and they are going to help me through the next part of my journey. This morning they appear again, and 2 go down into this deep hole that reminds me of black sludge, and it's real oily. They said something to the effect that they have to remove this stuff. It was like they had to clean this sludge out of me.First they were going to use buckets, but decided to siphon it instead.

But all of a sudden this woman who looked like the body electric in white sunlight shows up riding a horse, and says, "We don't need that. I'm Divine Grace!" All of a sudden there was the most brilliant cleansing white yellow light I had ever seen and the sludge disappeared, and the monks were dancing. I was blissed out. I really tried to discount the whole thing for a few seconds. But she said, "I am Divine Grace personified, honey!" She said, "Who do you think set the sun down in the middle of the road for you last week?”

Last week I was driving east to work and the sun was sitting in the middle of the street every morning blinding me.I kept telling people that I have driven that street at that time since 1994 and had never seen the sun sit in the middle of the street like that.

Well, that's my experience. So let me tell you this. I am a 54 year old African American woman, who lives in a suburb of ______, Ohio. I have never been to a ranch. I have no affiliation with Catholic religion or monks. I have only been to Texas while changing flights to go elsewhere.

Well , that's my story.

Abundant blessings, Brenda

2.     Another woman who wants to remain completely anonymous had lost her husband in his forties, over a year ago. She had lost interest in life. She had one Divine Opening with me at a Wellness Expo, not realizing how big it would be, and started reading the book. The Opening was not dramatic except that her eyelids fluttered uncontrollably. Then, for 3 nights, she was kept awake all night while many Divine hands gave her very radical chiropractic adjustments. "New vertabrae" were put into her spine, as she described it. She was eventually moved into what she realized must be yoga positions. She now feels that her entire spine has been rebuilt, she feels great, she's stopped seeing chiropractors and doctors, and is taking yoga classes now. Then her hand moved automatically to write 28 pages of instructions about what she would do next. That all happened in the first week. She recently came to a live intensive and shared all this with us, but is not ready to say it to the entire planet..... LOL..... She brought her friend to the intensive, and her friend, who had also lost her husband, shared with us that his non-physical self had come and visited her in the night, and now talks to her regularly. We had such a good time, marvelling, laughing, and celebrating all this.

These are not airy fairy people. They're professional women, one very conservative and new to metaphysics, and one Catholic. They had never wished for such experiences (doesn't that just make you so mad if you have been asking for this?!?.... LOL) Both are doing great, and ready for what's next in life now.

3.     Hello Lola, First, I'd like to thank you soooooooooo much for sharing this book with me. It's truly a blessing. THANK YOU! For this was a genuine answer to a prayer. I'm experiencing a great spiritual change/transformation since the passing of my dad in July. And, since I received this book, it just helps put the icing on the cake.

My friend who looks like you was there for me during my dad's death and it seems you are too... we literally danced at my dad's homegoing celebration. My dad lived a full-life on planet earth of nearly 80 years and was very spiritually blessed as well. And, I know he's in that mansion-in-the-sky called heaven and I feel his presence all around me too.

Thus far, I've been through two Devine Openings, since I've opened your
book a week and a half ago, and I have experienced the following:

    1) Blissfulness, Peace, Euphoria
    2) Awareness of every single thing around me (i.e. the air, the trees, the wind, the breeze, the quietness/stillness/light in the mist of darkness).
    3) A spiritual lift of all my burdens (i.e. release of all pains, discomforts, and financial/on-the-job/at home stresses.
    4) A natural boost of energy and strength.
    5) Nothing seems to bother me anymore.
    6) I feel an abundance of Love surrounding me. Along with a feeling to share this love with all around me.
    7) I feel healing power.. (i.e. like laying hands on the sick)
    8) I feel an over-flowing need to share with others in the moment.
    9) I feel much unconditional love for all (even people that I seem to have been angry with before)
    10)There are moments when I'm sitting with a group of people and the Devine takes me to a devine place/moment
         with Him (I could be listening to music - and it will seem as if the Devine is singing
       me a love song.  Each mome with Him is truly Devine/Amazing!
    11) I feel like a little kid playing in a sand box building a sand castle and inviting my friends to join me in
    11) I feel so much love for the Devine, my neighbor and myself.
    12) I ask for the Devine to answer some of my prayers in the form of a dream and He has and I can remember my
       dreams so vividly and get excited as I experience Devine openings.

By the way, what seems to be sooo amazing is how all of the things I've asked for through the Devine, since I started reading your book and experiencing Devine openings, has manifested.  Even to the most minuit prayer.  It's been more then amazing how the Devine hears my prayers and answers them, even before I'm done praying.  And, He has such a sense of
humor, it's hilarious!

I'll share this one story and then let you go... One of my stresses at work was "Punctuality." I was constently late to work for over 25 years. After being given an ultimatum by my boss to arrive on time or else, I asked the Devine to wake me up each morning and give me an abundance of energy to get up and arrive to work on time.  He is so cute, you know what he did...  1st, he gave me a dream where my boss was handing me five pieces of paper where each read "8:30" in big bold letters.  And so, that next morning when I awoke, He whispered in my ear... This "8:30" is the time I want you to leave your house to arrive on-time at work.  Guess what, I arrived to work on-time every day except one day since.  The day I was a little late, I ask the Devine to make sure my boss was out-of-the-office when I arrived, so that he would miss seeing me arrive late.  And guess what, my boss had a meeting that morning and arrived at the office after me.  And so, he missed my tardiness by five
minutes.  On top of this, the Devine has been waking me up a few minutes early each day, before the alarm clock rings.  Now that's God!  I've never woke up before the alarm clock.   He's got such a sense of humor.

I have so many cute little stories to tell and things to share that He's been doing for me.... I'll share more later... All I know is, we've been enjoying life to the fullest, every precious moment, since we've been reading your book.  The Devine and me.  Wow!  I just received a Devine opening to write a book called "The Devine and Me."

Once again, Thank you soooooooooo very much,

The Devine and Me,

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