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More News From The Ranch, and Marilyn Monroe?

Hello everyone!

Just got back from L.A. where Russell Martin gave me the most wonderful birthday.

We met with his film team and talked with the fiery young Spanish composer about how to weave the melodic themes of my song Beautiful Faces into the documentary of the same name. It will play over the ending credits in the form I wrote it -- a song that moves from somber and heart-felt to a full on syncopated dance celebration of transformed lives. He's in Mexico City right now filming. I needed to stay here and do my Divine Openings work, finish the online tantra course, paint another art commission, finish the process of getting the book distributed internationally, etc. We've been on airplanes a lot in the last three months, and will be on lots more.

We saw Cavalia, a Cirque du Soleil type show starring horses, acrobats, dancers, and the extraordinary people who train the horses. They often let the horses just play on stage.

We talked about making a horse movie. We went to the beach, sight-seeing, shopping, and ate wonderful food. We packed so much into 5 days I can't even tell you all of it. Life is good. We're raving a lot, because that generates more of the good, and we're willing to let it keep getting better and better. We hope you are too.

Much love,

PS - Oh, I have to tell you something funny. And it kind of relates to all the unusual things I do that you might not expect a spiritual teacher to do, like be into art, music, and film making, and going out dancing in wild clothes.

One of my best friends, Penny, was having lunch with a bunch of women in Austin, my name came up, Penny sat back and kept quiet, and one woman remarked in a superior tone, "Oh, yeah, Lola Jones. She's the Marilyn Monroe of spiritual teachers." To avoid making the woman feel like a total jerk, Penny said, "Yeah, I know her. She is so COOL!" and the woman just looked at her with the funniest expression.

Humans tend to have pre-set notions and judgments about what everything and everyone is supposed to be. We want everyone to fit into a convenient box so we don't have to go to the trouble to really look and feel and hear them as individuals.

Some have such rigid notions of what a spiritual teacher is supposed to look and sound like that it's impossible to see and hear someone different. Frankly I derive enormous pleasure from standing stereotypes on their ear. I just have no use for conformity, following the herd, and inauthenticity, and I do my part to confound all that junk, and it makes little difference to me whether people get me or not. Why dress, act, parrot words, and believe in ways that conform to some pre-set role or expectation? 

If I am the Marilyn Monroe of spiritual teachers, so be it. If that woman had overcome her own rubber stamp first impressions enough to look deeper she'd have found I'm also the Annie Oakley, the Betty White, the Georgia O'Keefe, and the Cheryl Crow of spiritual teachers.

But that doesn't fit into any handy box.

Who do you have in a box that's preventing love from flowing?
Husband, wife, boss, friend, public figure?


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