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More Blue Rays In Western Sky, October 2009

The blue rays showed up again at sunset the other day. In this photo they look less blue than the others below. What's so miraculous about them is they erase everything they pass through.... clouds, sky....

We're accustomed to seeing rays of sun or light but this is rays of opaque blue.

They fan out at sunset in fingers that rake through everything else.

Other people must have seen them, because someone recently found the Divine Openings website by googling "blue rays in western sky", and we came up in the search.

I don't tend to analyze things, instead I let it be and if I need to know, it comes. As I was writing about someone finding our Divine Openings site by googling blue rays, I had to laugh..... what if that was one more way The Presence helped someone find us.

It's no stranger than other things that have happened. I've appeared to people in their dreams on a white steed, then when they were surfing the net, they recognized me and realized it was on purpose that they were here. The Divine Openings website has come up on people's computer screen when they weren't touching the keyboard, and they'd never been here before.

I also like the interpretation that they're like Divine Openings, which erases everything it passes through.

So, thanks to the magic of the Universe!
I love this humorous relationship with The Presence.
I'm endlessly amused.


PS - The first blue rays I saw in June 2008 appeared simultaneously in the west and the east. You can see those at http://www.lolajones.com/blog/blue-rays 

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