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Men, Women, and Evolution of The Species

A fellow teacher, Robert McDowell, wrote to me of an event he just attended.

He said(I've included only the pertinent parts here):

I’ve spent a lovely, rainy weekend on the IONS campus outside Petaluma, California sitting in on Jean Houston’s Mystery School. It’s empowering and grounding, sitting with 60 people, 54 of them women, who are exploring and sharing the end of an age.... to create "What Comes Next".

Jean and her co-mentor, Peggy, have challenged us repeatedly: “What’s next? What will you do to create the next thing? “Ninety percent of this work,” Jean said, “is being done right now around the world by women, but the media does not report it.”

This surprised me, then upset me. I realized, yes, it’s true, and yes, the media (as it is about almost anything of true importance) is ignoring that vast work.

So, what to do? I suspect an additional task falls to brave warrior women. It’s not enough for them to band together, fanning dreams, doing the work and celebrating their achievements. The world’s bold, new women must include men to make the world whole. Women must educate and train men to make peace with their own anima. Women must compel them to wake up, to dive down with Persephone into the pit and return as balanced agents of healing and clear-eyed purpose.

That’s the integrated world we need, the next thing we must birth if we choose life.

I wrote to him:
This is so cool!
I've been talking lately about how men have so much more conditioning
against feeling, against depth.......
how it's harder for most (not all) of them to "let go"...
and how they so often run when the feeling gets intense..... and it does with Divine Openings......

and how woman's water energy is more conducive to flow
and so change
and so transformation.......
than the fire energy of men

and how men are getting it through their women and never knowing what hit them.....

Women come do Divine Openings and their men transform.

I actually tell them don't worry if the man never reads the book.
She's the secret power changing the world.

A woman doesn't need a New Age man. I tell women, "Transform yourself, and your man will wake up in his own way." He doesn't have to use spiritual language, or attend spiritual stuff. (I don't anymore either. That stuff gets pretty boring once you're actually living instead of seeking.)

Let him play golf or watch sports. Notice how he's becoming more loving and present and sensitive, but don't try to make him into a woman. Even if you succeed, you'll be sorry, and start complaining about how the chemistry is gone.

And me, I'm quietly doing my thing here.....
Not yelling to the rafters, but making quite a rumble.

Thanks for being an awake male, by the way.


I also want to say to all of you that I have never felt handicapped by being a woman, in any way, financially, socially, physically, safety-wise, mentally, spiritually, or power-wise.

I love men, and I always include them in everything. I don't do "women's events" or separate the sexes in any way, shape, or form, at any time. I can't stand "women's empowerment seminars" because I don't feel women are disadvantaged, and I think such titles unconsciously tell women they have something to work on that they don't. All we all need to do, male or female, is wake up! There's nothing to fix!

I just find it amusing (the Presence loves to entertain me) that it's come down to women being more powerful than was ever suspected..... another nuance of "the meek shall inherit the earth". I don't think meek is a good translation. Translation and tampering messes up a lot of wisdom over the ages. I think the hidden or lost essence of that quote is that you can be powerful without being a brute, or using force. A tiny, delicate sprout pushes dirt out of the way to emerge into the light. Water moves giant rocks in a flood.

The flood is here!
Drench yourself and let go to the current!


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