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Meditation Video - A Gift From Lola

beach sunsetAs I was playing with the videos I often take while out having fun and enjoying nature, it occured to me that this would make a wonderful meditation video -- and a wonderful Happy 2012 gift to you.

Let go of what you think meditation has to be, relax, enjoy, and soak up the vibration. Anything that slows your mind down, and quiets your thoughts, or even better yet, stops your thoughts, is a meditation.

Come back often, for a smile, for soothing, and for a vibrational tune-up. Or use it as a Divine Opening.

You can get this song on Lola's CD Watch Where You Point That Thing. That music collection is an entire experience.

Love you!

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You can notice that someone is out of alignment with their Larger Self, and not do business with them, or not marry them, without judging or making it wrong. They're on their own evolutionary timetable.
Lola Jones