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Marion Writes

Note from Lola: Marion's poetry and prose writing ability continues to unfold, expand, and gain in lightness and depth. I enjoy it so much I share it with you.

Marion writes:
Driving to work yesterday down a country road, (my car knows the route so well it’s a relaxing time for me) I experienced a really weird sensation.
I was listening to a CD of mantras by Maya Fiennes, she is a Kundalini yoga teacher and a musician.
My hands were on the wheel but I had the strange sensation of having another pair of arms which were doing the yoga moves, flowing gently and rhythmically.  I didn’t see them as solid, yet they were real.  Do you remember as a child crouching behind a friend and waving your arms about like an Indian statue?  That’s what it seemed like.
After I stopped laughing these thoughts came.
Could these be my Large Self arms?  My small self arms were on the wheel doing what they do best and my large self arms were having fun during the ride.  So my small self was at the wheel doing the driving !!!!!!!!!
If I have access to another pair of arms then I am going to use them.  How fab is that!
So, on an invisible level while my small self arms are busy, I can hug whoever I feel moved to hug, I can Namaste everyone!  I can soothe myself when my small self arms are busy and getting tired.  I can soothe my son and my daughter, I can reach to the sky when it wouldn’t be appropriate to do so, I can massage work colleagues shoulders gently when I can see they are getting stressed, I can playfully tickle my husband when he is getting frustrated.  I can exercise my body when I am lying still, I can blow kisses when it isn’t the right time or place, I can have such fun with this.
And yes, I have done all of this in my mind before, but this feels beyond mind, it feels real, like having tapped into something different, another sensation.
I feel like I can step back and hold out my Large Self Arms and embrace everything, not for any reason, just because I can.
I’ve felt similar sensations before when giving Divine Mother Hugs to friends and clients at the end of phone sessions.
But now, I see them, these Large Self arms, real yet invisible, light and shimmering, flowing and glowing, soft and gentle.
Weird but fun!!! 
Whatever next?!
November 2010

PS from Lola -
Divine Openings Giver Maggie Tolles first came to see me over three years ago, driving 3 hours from Houston to get here for her session. She became sleepy on the flat and monotonous highway home, and at one point she "woke up driving", with the very strong tactile sensation of two firm hands clasped over hers on the steering wheel. They had kept her on the road, steady and safe in her lane, without swerving, until she woke up.

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