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Marion Poole from Bristol, UK embodied Presence at the Divine Openings™ retreat

Marion Poole is one who authentically and effortlessly embodies Stillness, Softness, Presence, and Quiet Joy, and has for some time now. I gifted her with an advanced Divine Openings retreat in Cornwall because of that, and to say thank you for how she's held the UK community together, giving them a place to play that celebrates Divine Openings, while keeping it pure and sweet and true to its essence.

Marion graced the retreat with her beingness, quietly organizing, guiding, smoothing, and as the best of advanced volunteers are, she wasn't there to get my attention or help--she's already "got it." She is there. It's a joy watching her deepen still more over time.

When I arrived a day early, she had already helped retreat sponsor Angeline Morrison set up, laid out the books, art, and name tags. With the soft hands of an angel, she gave everyone "Indian head and neck massages" during the retreat, which I personally experienced as heavenly.

When her long-time husband came to pick her up at the end, they were like two precious kids freshly in love, eager to go off on yet another retreat together.

Marion wrote to me just now:

When I was on my 5 Day Retreat in Texas some years ago, I heard my inner being say 'I'm in'.
I've always thought it sounded a bit odd, but it didn't feel odd, it felt lovely. 
That's why hearing 'Dave is coming in' (to the tune of Miten's chant, So Much Magnificence, 'waves are coming in, waves are coming in') made me laugh so much.

Here are a few words I wrote describing my experience- 

During the night I heard my Being say.
 'I'm in, let's play' ........
Since then............

 I am filled to full with something.
Something that feels so good.
That feeling comes from within me, deep inside.
A soft and constant pulsing, like a gentle tide.
It makes me feel so happy, joyous and carefree.
I am so full, so totally full of Me!!!!
I know the substance of my Being.
It's awake in me, deep inside.
My Being is the treasure.
My Being is the prize..............

I say Yes to Grace and Yes to a Great Life.

Love to you.

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