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For Manifesting Juice: Focus on Why You Want It and How You Want to Feel

By Lola Jones, creator and steward of Divine Openings

Throughout life, there is always some end result we want. We often get too gripped over the how-to's and the specifics of how we think it has to be done. Let's break it down to the basic essence of what you really want to make creating it easier.

Bring the feeling here - NOW. Enjoy it now as if it's already here. Then it comes easier because you're in alignment with it.

  1. Desire: make a lot of money.
  2. Ask yourself: Why do you want it? Answer: So I can pay off my debts, enjoy life more, work less, relax, buy things I want.
  3. Ask yourself: How do I want to feel? Answer: I want to feel better, feel enjoyment, feel relaxed. I want to help my parents. 
  4. What you really want is those feelings: feel better, more generous, loving, feel enjoyment of life, feel secure, relaxed.

To simplify it and make it clearer, the end result is to feel good. The end result is not really make a lot of money--that's just what you think must happen in order to to feel better.

This may seem subtle but it's everything.

What if you felt blissed out and secure because money comes in the right amount when you need it... and the debt is still there but it no longer stresses you, and you don't need to buy those things to feel happy anymore.... and you're working a lot but enjoying it immensely, and relaxing in and out of work?

What if you felt better about debt, because people gave you money???

Yes, debt means people gave you money!

This is what happens in the early stages for so many who begin Divine Openings. They get happy! They feel good. They feel so good that they then often re-evaluate if they really need all that stuff they thought they needed! If they still want it, they go toward it in a more relaxed way and that works better. Now it's just icing on the cake, and their happiness no longer depends on it.

The bonus is: being happy and feeling good and relaxed makes them more attractive to more money, better jobs, more love, and better life conditions.

We hear it over and over and over.

It works.

Focus on the real end result: how you want to FEEL.

There are many ways to get your end result, so don't get all hung up on how to get it. The way of ease and Grace is to let Divine Intelligence decide out how to best bring you your end result.

That's how we do it with Divine Openings.

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