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Love the new profiles.... thanks Lee!

Lee, our web demi-god, has created this cool new feature for those of you who are members (taking a course). You can post a profile, pictures, and all kinds of cool stuff ......and people (including me!) can finally SEE YOU!

You'll be sent there when you log in (if you're registered in a course.) Then you click on List Members over on the right to see who does have a profile up.... then click edit profile and put yours up!
If you're already logged in now, click:  http://www.lolajones.com/profile

I loved going through it and seeing your actual faces.

You have no idea how thrilling that was for me, after talking to so many invisible people for a year now..... LOL..... you really exist! Now I get more of a personal sense of you.... I am so visual. If I can see it I get it better.

Go jazz up your profile so everyone can meet you. I love it when you meet a new friend through this site. I was delighted when two women in Malaysia connected through the Forum and became friends. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be introducing people across the globe ....... and more remarkable, one of them just came to the 5 Day, and the other is planning to come.

I wanna see some marriages, babies, world travel! ......LOL........
So go forth, meet, make friends, collaborate, marry, have children, prosper, multiply!!!

OK, how bout you just have fun for starters.)



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