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Lola's Newest Song, Beautiful Faces

As Divine Openings liteally opens up what was already inside of us, our talents emerge. I never imagined making a music collection, much less writing a song for a film! 

We made a fun video for you with the new song Beautiful Faces. It's about doctors in Mexico City who repair severely deformed children's faces. They are amazing and so are the happy children, before and after. The kids were endlessly inspiring. Their joy and courage made this song easy to write. The words flowed easily.

More than any song I've ever done, I never get tired of it, and it plays in my head all the time, like a jukebox with only one song. Oh, it's Jose Garcia of Los Angeles singing with me.

To purchase that song, or the whole Watch Where You Point That Thing music collection see Music in the site footer.

I did start painting again after my big spiritual awakening (Click Art in the site footer to see that.) And I'm still painting. I went to art school and was never a good painter in college. I gave it up after college. My energy was too bound up to flow. Now it is an endless stream of creative expression.

Today I'm sitting outside at my favorite coffee shop in Ojai, Full 'O Beans, writing on the two new books. See Books for those! 

Creativity flows when our energy is light and soaring. Just get on this path and let Grace lead you to your hidden talents and gifts. See Your Journey Begins.
Love you all,

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Paraphrasing Yogananda: "You send angels to do your bidding. Then you send assassins to kill them." Each time you think about what you've asked for, note if your feelings are confirming or contradicting it.
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