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Lola and Tammy's European Adventure

What we saw of Europe was awe-inspiring. Plus I arrived home to green grass and my huge pond full of water, after it being dry for over a year and a half of drought. Hallelujah, it felt like Heaven! The dragonflies were thick, in colors I've never seen here before, like magenta!

I've been home now for 11 days, and have finally just now settled in and caught up enough to tell you about the UK course and our further adventures in Italy and France. The UK course filled to the brim, and the participants were amazing. When we did the movement, they really moved! We laughed so hard at Neil's award-winning non-habitual movement demonstration. When we dived deep, they really dived! Two of them are coming to the 5 Day Silent Intensive here in Austin. I'm so glad they shared that live experience with me, since I may not be back to UK for a long time. I mostly work here from the ranch (things go great in my absence). I prefer to let the other Divine Openings Givers do more of the live Divine Openings in their area. And now UK will have two new ones!

Tammy and I traveling together were one ball of fire, whether out dancing or just enjoying the scenery in silence. The energy would loop between us, as we were together 24/7 for two weeks, and for the first week, we could barely sleep, since we were sharing a room.

Then it settled down, or we got used to it! We would flow from delicious silence to laughter to tears, all over the place, so beautifully.

We were in a lovely synchronistic flow together, although of course, travel in strange places puts you out of your comfort zone and can be stressful at times, like when you're trying to catch a train, and the signs don't help at all, and no one speaks English. Or when we were driving across Italy and got lost in Genoa for an hour!

Some of you know about non-habitual movement, which I include in almost every live retreat now. Well, travel is non-habitual EVERYTHING, and it's good. It takes us out of the expected and the routine, and wakes up new parts of us. Boy did we wake up some new parts!

Tammy and I were clear that in the big energy of that trip, we cooked up things that we won't even know about until they materialize. Some of it materialized instantly, like a vastly expanded music page for Tammy. She really caught on to the website thing after spending time with me, and playing with it on our last two days. Her music was already expanding wildly. She has FOUR music collections on this site now, and it is stunning. Go hear the samples.

Now for the travelogue. I'll mostly let the pictures tell the tale. We'll post some video soon, but for now, here are a few stills, then go to the art gallery to see the rest:

We walked through a beautiful cemetery above the sea at Nice, France.
It was filled with gorgeous sculpture, as was true of Rome and Florence! Someone said I came back from this trip softer, and indeed I have felt almost skinless at times. Everything is exquisitely and keenly felt. Feels good, and this picture expresses it. Perhaps this is a key moment when it happened.

After seeing Michaelangelo's work, I really was satiated with art, and was ready to go on to other things. I mean, what more could one want?

Here's a replica of David.


Ok, I have a thing for David's hand...

Beautiful bridges and sculpture were everywhere.

There's Tammy in the courtyard, with me taking the pic from the window of our room at Casa Internationale De La Donna, a for-women-only hostel in Rome.

It was our favorite hostel or hotel, with big spacious high ceiling rooms, and this amazing courtyard to hang out and eat their great cafe's food.

It used to be a convent, and it's right across the street from the river.

Now you'll click here and go to Lola's Art Gallery, Virtual Garden of Eden to see

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