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Lola and Sophie Jam About Divine Openings and Life

Lola and Sophie Jam About Divine Openings and Life

08/07/2020 - 18:35 Submitted by Lola Jones

Sophie's life changed with Divine Openings

Lola and Sophie Jam About Interesting Things

Lola and Sophie (in Germany) had a Zoom meeting about social media, and it was such an interesting and heart-warming chat that we wanted you to enjoy it. We covered lots of important topics Lola had never talked about on audio before!

We talk about this and more:

  • How people think you're on drugs if you're too happy or chill... i.e. Is Divine "Openings too good to be true?"
  • How she gets her children to do Divine Openings practices with her
  • Her own experience, and how Divine Openings has changed her life
  • How she got off the hamster wheel of incessant seeking
  • Money

Enjoy the 37 minute audio and get an uplift and some fresh perspectives.

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