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Living La Vida Lola -- New Private Retreats at Lola's Ojai Heaven

Living La Vida Lola --
New Private Retreats at Lola's Ojai Heaven

I watched every episode of the TV series Northern Exposure ever made. In one of my favorite episodes the local native shaman was talking to the medical doctor in that small Alaskan town. The shaman says, "I don't know how you doctors diagnose and heal people in fifteen minutes. I have to go live with them for a few days." Of course, people come live with me for five days in the 5 Day Silent Bliss Retreats, but I could relate even more after giving my first pilot private retreat.

The client flew in from the Toronto area, and lived with me for three days. I got to observe her, talk with her, give her sessions, healings, Divine Openings, feed her healthy food, and make recommendations on every area of her life. We danced, hiked, did kundalini tailored to her physical condition, we sang, chanted, and meditated, colored with crayons, and I enveloped her in love, tucking in her in every night with a healing.

We did things I've never done in any session or retreat--of course it just came to me what to do. There's plenty of space and time for customized, in-depth sessions, but it was (not surprisingly) very little "work" for either of us.

She arrived here in bad health, with serious spinal degeneration, was tightly wound, and frantic about a difficult divorce. By day two she felt sensations as if someone was pulling her back upward and lengthening it. She went home blissed out, calm, and grounded, with a customized conscious mind plan and a summarizing refresher audio.

She texted me: "I had an amazing time and transformation. I'm even swaying to my own inner music while waiting and waiting for my luggage (lol.) I am so glad you decided to do this kind of retreat. Much love to you and Honey."

I'll be doing about one such private retreat per month. Weekdays only.

Travel is planned and paid by you, but we can give you suggestions.

Plans, details, and tuition on this page.

Here's to "Living La Vida Lola!"

PS -- This is a great opportunity to share with you the new look of my home. People have always commented on how peaceful it is, and now that's multiplied times ten. I think it conveys this next level of my life quite well.

Recognize the original art? It's all hanging in my home.

reposo living room

The ever-changing view of the mountains off the deck and out the back windows.

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