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Life is for Living! How Grooves Become Ruts...

by Lola Jones

I share this personal update with you as an energetic invitation for you to move and flex in whatever way life is urging you to.

one December I realized it had been two years since I'd had a vacation.

Although Scott and I have a blast, meditate, laugh, and relax every single day, and I love work, there is just nothing like turning it all off, thinking about nothing, having no email, no phone, no responsibility. We Americans aren't as good at this as the Europeans, but I'm going to learn!

You might not realize how much you need a major reset.... especially if things are going great.

Boy, did it work!

I felt like a new person after, and the video below will give you a sense of it.

Yes, yet another new person. We get unlimited fresh starts.

Witness your objections.

If things aren't so great your story may be, "I can't afford to take time off. I have to keep grinding away." Hint: grinding is never good. Always try to align energy first and take action from a high vibration.

You can't afford not to take care of your greatest asset: yourself.

It's very easy to resist guidance by telling ourselves a story of how it might take us out of our comfort zone. We might say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

And then we say,
"I'm not being resistant!
I'm just being practical and logical!"

Think again! If your Large Self has already gone to your future, and you don't go, the separation will not feel good. Pain escalates to suffering.

Some may say, "The world/country is in uncertainty, so I can't do anything."

Oh, dear... that's why you must be more certain than ever that YOU create your reality!

reboot unplug it

Even bigger changes

Suddenly after my holiday it was easy to realize (and admit) that life had been nudging me to move house for about two years, but I'd been resisting change because it would upset the easy groove we were in. This house is just fabulous, my wonderful assistants Cara and Claudia live nearby, and selling, buying, and moving house is work!

Yes, all true - yet grooves can become ruts. My body had been complaining "mysteriously," but it wasn't really a mystery; I felt fantastic the minute we went on vacation, and have felt great since. Life is movement and change, and our Larger Self finds all kinds of ways to prompt us when we're not in the flow.

We took my Mom on the first real vacation she's ever had. Her family grew up in the depression, and despite doing well in life, they just didn't travel.

I came home totally refreshed, feeling a new level of harmony with the flow, and magical synchronicities increased. We'd speak something and it would appear even faster than usual. For example, we went to a giant flea market down by the sea where we often find astounding bargains on things we needed anyway, but you can't predict what people will bring to sell that day, and on a good day we find one thing.Lola mom cruise solarium

That day we found every single thing we needed and intended to find--about seven things with a total value of about $500, and we paid less than $100.

We'd even have fun talking to the political TV shows. 

We'd say to them, "Hey hey! Don't get distracted by the constant "shiny baubles", and keep your eye on what's important that's happening behind the scenes."

The next day they said these exact words, "We've all been distracted by shiny baubles, and we all need to stay focused on the serious monkey business going on behind all that," which just made us smile and wink at each other. We feel extremely hopeful about the political situation, knowing that the worse it gets, the more tension is created by the contrast, and that will slingshot into change.

Suddenly moving didn't feel like a hassle anymore

It felt felt easy and natural--it felt incredibly exciting! That's when you know an idea is cooked and you're in the flow. We started tellng a new story: that life is for living, and with Scott at 61 and me at 63 we especially want to do what calls us with no holding back. Life is for living--no waiting! We've both had many adventures and many lives in this body, and here comes another one.

Scott and I have always loved going out dancing to really great clubs, and there simply is no great place near here. The San Diego area has tons of dancing clubs, and truly it's one of the world's most fun, active cities. I've dreamed of living there since the late 1980's. I even tried it for six months in 1990 but didn't "make it" there.

Cara and Claudia will continue to work for me remotely. Hey, the rest of our team is scattered all over the world anyway.

The house sold in one week

Without a realtor, for double what I paid for it five years ago. Scott had improved it, and the vortex is palpable when people walk in. The first people who walked in had been looking for a year for precisely this house, and the husband FELT the vortex and compared it to Sedona!

He asked playfully, "Will you leave the vortex here?" "Of course, it comes with the house" I smiled, "I'll create another one in our new home."

We close April 28th. We will be blissfully "homeless" and will move to the beach in San Diego while we look for our perfect new home.

Enjoy the video!


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This is IT, and doing the same old same old.... gets you the same old same old...

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