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He Let Go Of 60 Years Of Hate

This is a long one, but a powerful one, so dive in when you have 5 or 10 minutes.....

The Sweet Taste of .... Revenge???
I’m on my way home from lunch, enjoying riding along in the red convertible with the top down. Honey’s in the front seat, tongue hanging out, grinning. (Yes, Honey is a dog, although Michael does that same thing) ...... : >)

...... when a wave of nausea hit like a sideswipe from out of the blue.

I thought, wow, this is weird, and moved it on through.

Then I got home, and my 72 year old client from Dallas, a doctor, (identity details changed to maintain privacy) called for his 3rd session. He said, "I'm feeling so good after sessions 1 and 2 that I almost don't know what to talk about today......"

Then he added, “Well .... I really should work on my hatred of my parents (now dead). They were severely abusive. I'm 72, I've been single for 25 years, and I've never had the relationship I really wanted. I think it’s related."

I could not stop praising this man for volunteering to do this. One of the two biggest obstacles to complete enlightenment and freedom is relationships where love is withheld, even partially.
I've had some clients run off, never to be seen again after that topic came up. Hardly anyone actually volunteers to do it! It is sometimes lifted by Grace early on, and if not, it comes up at the advanced levels.

Well, using the Dive In And Be With It process (audios now available for download, see below), I guided him to just be with the FEELING itself, and to drop the STORY, to make himself the only actor on the stage. “Because there may be things that happened that were awful, yet
it's gone now, and the feelings can move on too ... keeping the story alive is self-abuse, and ...... “

.... then I got that nauseated feeling again, but WAY more intense. I could now quite convincingly say, "I know it felt awful, I know you felt powerless. I can feel it right now, and you do too ....
...yet this is about YOUR freedom TODAY."

Leading him through the “Dive In and Be With It Process”, the feeling did move on very quickly...... GONE within 20 soothing minutes.

I had him tell his parents what he had wanted from them. He did. His voice softened to that of an innocent child.

The powerless feeling had risen up the scale to a higher vibration.

Then I felt a big pain in my head, so I had him experience the revenge feelings deeply (without the story, which he now had truly dropped). He laughed that I was saying to feel revenge. And that too moved on. Gone.

Soon we were both feeling very, very good, almost blissful. He couldn't believe how quickly it all transformed into a soft peacefulness.

He had expected a big hairy reliving of the trauma. I didn't need to know the story. That's mind stuff, and it keeps you stuck. It's the moving of the pure feeling that gives the freedom.

He now has freedom from bondage of 60-70 years.
Now he knows how to move energy himself.
He’s not dependent on me.

The effects of this will be much bigger and better than he can now imagine. That’s because parents are our unconscious “template” for
relationships. It affects everything from money, to current relationships, even your relationship with God!

And because no matter what anyone does to you, major or even minor, if you hold onto it..... if your love stops flowing ...... you pay a severe price.

It's your bondage. It's your pipes that are stopped up.

Your nature is to flow energy, and when it's not flowing, you have no idea how it limits you.

Your nature is to love, and when you resist that, you distance yourself from your God Self.

Note that the word forgiveness is not mentioned here.
I NEVER use it.

Yes, I know, trying to go straight from hatred to love is too hardThe All That Is doesn’t judge, so never has anything to forgive anyone FOR. So when you’re vibrating up there with The All That Is, there is nothing to forgive.
There is only love.

To me it always feels more like, “I’ve stopped judging you. Now I’m free! Wheee!”

. That’d be a “spiritual bypass” ....... and it does not work.

But once you’ve moved the energy authentically, it’s easy. Divine Openings gets you there.

“More good news!” I told this man. “What you did today ripples out and causes big changes in the world. That newly released flow of high vibrational energy, that burst of freedom and light lifts the
entire human collective consciousness. It could cause sudden heart openings in Isreal and Palestine, for instance. You are changing the course of history.”

This can cause someone halfway around the world to stop, spontaneously wake up, open their heart, and say, "The chain stops here. I give up looking for justice (which is just a nice name for

And they'll never know why, and you’ll never know you helped.

Summary?But you sure will be happy.

Want to change the world?
Free yourself.

It's Here!
The New 'Dive In And Be With It' Audio Set - It's Like 4 Liberating, Invigorating Private Sessions

What does Diving In do for you?
As the book says: it frees up energy that is tied up in the past, or in hurt or stress, and opens your heart so that you are free. When you have unfinished business from the past that you're dragging along, you have no idea how much it holds you back today .... until it's gone. But you don't have to muck through the "stuff" of the past, heal it, process, or analyze it. You don't have to relive it. You'll actually be encouraged to stay OUT of the story about it.

All you do with Diving In is LET IT MOVE!  It's not "work", even if it's serious trauma. It's really pretty easy, and you end up feeling really good afterward. Then you'll quickly find that your manifesting ability amps up (you can let in more because your pipes are more open), you have more vitality and energy,  and inner peace is restored. Diving In speeds up your enlightenment process, taps you back into your inner guidance, and puts your Large Self in the driver's seat. It's a brand new day!

So many of you have asked when we'll release the audios that walk you through the Dive In And Be With It Process. It's here! Some people find that being able to relax and let themselves be guided through it is much easier than reading the book and guiding yourself. After a few times of really "getting it" in private sessions (or now, with these audios), people find that their own inner knowing kicks back in, and they can do it by themselves after that. Then it gets to be natural again. You were born knowing how to be with emotion -- you just got conditioned out of it. Now you can return to your innate wisdom that moves energy "in the now."

The set includes 5 tracks: It's like getting 4 private sessions for $39. The introductory 'how-to-use-it' track is 8.5 minutes long.
The 4 Diving In tracks range from 22 to 43 minutes. They were all recorded in live courses and sessions, not cold in a studio, so the Divine Energy is full-on. You will usually feel invigorated and happy after listening. Each track takes a different perspective, and gives extensive soothing and teaching, as well as leading you through the Diving In process. Try different tracks until you find relief.  You'll learn from all of them!

You download the tracks, which come instantly upon ordering. You can either burn your own CD, or you can just listen to it on your computer. DO NOT LISTEN TO THESE WHILE DRIVING! Lie down at home. You can listen and begin lightening up TODAY.

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