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Divine Openings -- Let Grace Wash Me

Every day we encounter feelings and events in this adventure of life. We brush up against all kinds of people and vibrations. We can sponge some of that up without noticing. The world can attune us to a lower frequency if we're not radiating strong and using the Divine Openings™ conscious mind material.

Maybe... we don't fully experience a feeling until we burn it off and raise its vibration (we don't dive in).
Maybe... we're in a hurry and think we'll feel it later, but we don't.
Maybe... a feeling got stuck in our gut.
Maybe... some little part of us is holding onto a slight or a problem.
Maybe... tiny thoughts and cares build up so slowly we don't notice it's caused tension.

Every day, take a moment to let go, just like you'd take a shower to wash off the day. It's a vibrational shower.

Let go of anything you've picked up that is not You.

Allow any stray vibrations you've picked up to move up the Divine Openings Instrument Panel.

Take a moment to say to The Presence at the end of the day, "Take it all and leave only what's my true essence. Leave me feeling fresh, light, and happy."

As you literally take a shower you can say, "Let Grace wash me."

You could prostrate, smile, and say, "I let go of all my cares and thoughts and give them over to You, My Inner Beloved."

There's an activity in Level 2 where you focus on your Unlimited Self and radiate that so powerfully that there's no room in you for anything else. You are filled with Grace.

Deliberately, intentionally begin each new day by letting go of everything from yesterday (even things you liked--that was yesterday).

Create today on a blank canvas.

Grace comes shining through.
That's what Grace does.
It's a constant fresh start.
Intend to let it wash you and let it do that for you.

PS - On a lighter note, at least you're not this tense. Hey, even Superman picks up some stray vibes, and we can even with Divine Openings™:

(Dan lets me post his comics if I reference his site, BizzaroComics.com, and I drop something in the "tip jar" too. Dan's a hoot.)

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