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Kundalini pleasure practice raises vibration in three minutes, with video!

This short and easy Kundalini exercise can raise your vibration in three minutes. The easy pleasure practices to keep yourself in the flow can be simple.

Simple is almost always the most profound.
Like Divine Openings. 

Your intention and attitude is everything. If you go into any practice (including spiritual seeking) believing you must do it long and hard to get good from it, you will have to do long and hard. If you go in believing it can be easy and pleasurable and that a little goes a long way, it will. If you believe you have to follow some austere path, that's making it too hard.

You already know that with Divine Openings, everything works better and faster with relaxed ease.

Learn about a new video series with Lola leading Kundalini Joy exercises and Pleasure Practices with all the added Grace and ease of Divine Openings.

I use kundalini videos and get exercises from instructional kundalini books (there are thousands of exercises to choose from to keep it fresh.) Now I'm planning a new online retreat using kundalini.

Sometimes the group energy of kundalini and other types of yoga classes is fun. You may need to ignore anything the instructors might say about how long you "must" do the exercises, or how you must purify yourself, what astrology is doing today, how complicated it all has to be, etc.

Do it all in an attitude of increasing your pleasure and keeping your flow open, rather than to "work on yourself."

Most of the books and videos will promote the sikh spiritual path, but there is no need to do their whole path to get the benefits of kundalini yoga. After the ease of Divine Openings you'll probably find it extreme.
You can use the kundalini exercises in moderation and get all you want from it.
"Take what works for you and leave the rest."

Here's a quick one you can do at home anytime, in a sitting position, the kundalini twist.

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The ultimate spiritual answers are not found in learning  more intellectual concepts and theories, but in direct experience and feeling.

Lola Jones