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No more karma, chakras, inner child healing

karma, chakras, darshan, channeling, inner child healing, Eckhart Tolle, light body, meditation

and other metaphysical concepts and practices...

People often ask how Divine Openings relates to these things, what our opinion is of them, etc. So we created this page that gives a brief thought on each.

The 5 Portals of Awakening bring you to a total understanding from your own Large Self. That's where your power really blossoms - when you can feel the truth within yourself.

You don't need to know all of the things in that list, or learn a bunch of stuff, to get liberated.

A cluttered mind has no space for the stillness of enlightenment.

Karma - It is irrelevant with Divine Openings. Grace takes care of all that when you allow the Grace in. If you choose to keep working on yourself, and paying your karma, you will continue to live in that reality for many lifetimes. Your choice. You don't have to.

Third eye, chakras - People are concerned about these, but Divine Openings takes care of it over time. You don't have to get under the hood and tinker. Just open up and let it be done for you, in its natural timing. 

New age - Covers a lot of territory! It's done some good, but there's a lot of junk out there. Very little of it actually works. Seeking can become an addiction like gambling. People keep doing it even though they rarely win (grin).

Ascension - There are many definitions of this, but ironically, we see ascension being Heaven coming to Earth. The physical body lighting up, and lightening up. Spirit fully embodied into us, in these bodies. We see it as getting evenmore deeply embodied.

Awakening - Definitions out there are various. We say, who cares how you measure it if your life works and you're blissed out a lot? Also, awakening isn't an event, an "ending," or a completion, because you will continue to evolve eternally.

Darshan - What Lola Jones radiates is darshan. Some teachers give more powerful darshan than others. It used to be that only certain saints and gurus could give it.

Deepak Chopra - Can he initiate you to enlightenment? Not that we know of. He more points the way. We like the way he talks about physics and spirituality. Thought provoking and expansive, but temporary in its effects.

Divine channel, channeling - There are many of these on the planet, and Lola Jones is a very powerful one.

Eckhart Tolle - Wonderful teacher, and certainly an enlightened being. We are not fond of "working on yourself", or concerning yourself with the ego, or making the ego a bad thing, though. It actually increases resistance! Your small self, as we like to call it lovingly, refines naturally with Divine Openings.

Enlightenment, spiritual awakening, spiritual enlightenment -  Again, many of the definitions out there don't agree. We say, who cares how you measure it if your life works. Also, it isn't an "ending" or a completion, because you will continue to evolve eternally.

Happiness - It's what Divine Openings brings. We don't mean superficial happiness. We can be happy even when we're sad.

Inner child healing - This happens naturally with Divine Openings, so you could say it's unecessary for us. You can stop analyzing your childhood, and reliving the pain. You only make the choice to be willing to let go of all past hurts, and then it will be done for you.

How to raise vibration - The 5 Portals of Awakening  give you step by step how to's that are easy to do if you stick with it.

Light body - This is when your energy field lights up so much that you actually begin to visibly glow at times. Some can see it more readily than others, depending on their own vibration.

Metaphysics, metaphysical - Great for the mind, but often too mental. The mind is limited, and won't take you all the way there, not matter how many books you read or systems and esoteric knowledge you learn.

Meditation, meditate - You'll meditate when you want to after Divine Openings, more for pleasure than to accomplish something or get somewhere. It will become easier than ever to go really deep really fast. You'll be in that tapped in state more and more of the time, naturally, in your daily life. No longer is meditation just a short break from stress and daily life.

Meditation techniques - Will become unecessary. You'll tap in quickly, just by intending to, eyes closed or not, and bliss out.

Marianne Williamson - We like Marianne and the Course in Miracles. It's a more mental program. Some people need more direct help from Grace in the process. The 5 Portals of Awakening with it's live webinars with Lola give you that help. Can they initiate you into enlightenment in The Course In Miracles? Not that we know of.

Oneness prayer, oneness blessing, oneness movement, deeksha, diksha, Bhagwan, Amma Bhagavan - Divine Openings is not the same as these. Lola was initiated in this at one time, and then was quickly guided to move on, take the guru out of the equation, and go direct to God for inner power. The power increased at that point. Lola gives a whole system, not just the Grace blessing, and the goal, intent, and result of Divine Openings is to fully empower the student, and have you become your own guru rather than be dependent on us.

Religion, spirituality - Divine Openings is not religion, but is compatible with all religions, unless they are narrow and dogmatic and exclusive.

Spirituality, spiritual - We almost can't relate to these words anymore. What ISN'T spiritual? How did the force that animates all life get partitioned off into a category by itself, separate from Life? Dirt is spiritual, hate is spiritual, pollution is made of God energy..... everything is spirit. Your lowest thought is spirit energy slowed down to a low frequency.

Spiritual retreats - We do some of the most profound ones!

Spiritual healing - We don't call it healing unless you have a physical disease. The cycle of "spiritual healing" goes on and on and on and never ends. You do not need "healing" emotionally or spiritually. You just need to remember who you are.

Law of Attraction - With Divine Openings, Law of Attraction finally makes sense, and works. The 5 Portals of Awakening cover it thoroughly, and you'll find Divine Openings is so much more comprehensive (and easier) than Law of Attraction. Grace does 90% of it for you.

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Everything real and enduring is Non-Physical and can't be seen, touched, heard, or measured. Anything physical is mere ephemera. Appreciate the physical, relish the living of it, but give it less reality.
Lola Jones