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Back From the Retreat, a Deep Refreshing Vortex of Grace

This energy never stops expanding, and it pulls me to keep up! It's evolved enormously in just the past year. It's a bonus that the more I actively play with the new energies, the better and more alive I feel. It's the freaking fountain of youth.

by Lola Jones

I am so mellow.

Only had one day of jet lag after Saturday's 12-hour flight home from the Germany 5-Day Bliss Retreat. That gave me a great excuse to lie around all day Sunday doing nothing and napping - before getting back to work dreaming up new ways to light you up! 

I just can't stop bringing in new energies and translating them to new methods and media.  

Lately in the webinars and retreats I'm showing people how to "play with energy." 

"Moving energy" generates life force.

It keeps me charged up for the work on the new site. And like me, the new webmaster really loves his work, loves Divine Openings, feels the energy, loves working with me, and LOVES this website. He's going above and beyond for us.

I gave my responsibilities over to The Presence and flew off to Germany for those 9 days to lead a workshop and the 5-Day Bliss Retreat, and didn't give the site one thought - my heart and mind were 100% with the retreaters.

Things went great in my absence.

Ooooh, I savored that deep dive into the fertile silence (the 60th 5-Day Retreat I've led.) Some had attended many retreats and still got more, went deeper. My joy is to keep it fresh so they always get something new.

I do too! There's always more.

Everyone was blissed out by the end. Mountains moved and some powerful physical healings happened too. One couple told me their entire lives had transformed in the year and a half they've practiced Divine Openings.

I love my job.

Big energy and allowing,

Lola Jones

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