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bird flying from high vibration of raving

If you're raving a lot -- good for you for being so good to yourself!

If you're not raving enough, you're probably not getting the big Divine Openings results all those people rave about! You can change that in a flash. Here's Lola's newest Rave Audio! Enjoy over and over.

Also remember to rave about your freedoms, rights, and responsibilities, possibility and flow right now. Radiate that energy into the collective!

Wechseln Sie auf DE, um auf Deutsch zu lesen. Audio auf EN/DE.

How Kordula Raves

Kordula realized just how naturally and abundantly she raves, when her love commented on it.

In this video Lola leads a Rave (English and German)

In a webinar someone asked how to get into a rave, and Lola demonstrated. She also gives you tips, like, "It doesn't matter how small the things are that you rave about." Enjoy this 14 minute video and then do your own rave! You can't think about a rave, you have to do it.

How to join the RaveFest! Rave Alone, with Buddies, or Kids 

  • Watch the videos, and read the tips for a great start.
  • Get a buddy to hold you accountable and share the fun with. They can get started now without knowing all about Divine Openings, but show them the book so they get all the goodness.
  • Rave each morning and night, so you form a lifelong habit. Start with 5 minutes and work up to 10 minutes each time.
  • Share with us on the Forum what happened for you.

Sophie's Kids Rave with Her! (Video nur auf Englisch)

Sophie is just naturally sharing the wonderful feeling and life benefits of Divine Openings with her kids. They've become more cheerful and cooperative, and easier on Mom.

How Kordula Raves

Kordula realized just how naturally and abundantly she raves, when her love commented on it.

These tips will help you juice up your raving.

Learn how people simply added raving to their daily habits, elevated their vibration, and brought more good their way.

Why would anyone resist raving when it feels so good and works so wonderfully?

  • The mind only wants to focus on what's wrong. Its story is, "Be realistic." Don't allow that -- take charge!
  • The small self resists anything outside your comfort zone. But inside your comfort zone is the same-old-same-old.
  • Raving isn't about listing facts, it's about generating high vibrations.

Generate more with your raving:

  • You can rave silently to The Presence to begin.
  • You start by raving about tiny things, and bigger things to rave about show up over time.
  • The habit of raving won't magically appear --you must practice daily.
  • You're going to be thinking anyway -- raving is juicy and fun!
  • When you think about lack, or complain and lament, you attract more lack, and more to complain and lament about. Rave instead and retrain your mind.

Get a buddy for accountability and fun:

  • Get rave buddies. Ask a friend to rave with you starting today! They can get started with you now, but tell them about the book so they get all the good.
  • Sophia got her kids raving and they love it! They got more fun, cheerful, and cooperative, too. See the video in the blog....

Join the Rave Challenge!

Ease and flow,


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