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It Becomes More and More Like A Party

I am blown away.
Blissed out.
It required me to stretch my pipes even more just to be with the participants
toward the end of the April 09 5-Day Silent Intensive at the end.......
their appreciation, and their radiance ......
it was almost too much to bear.

Have you experienced ecstasy that is almost unbearable?

They were awesome when they arrived,
and then
like the sun that is so brilliant it's hard to look at
they got even more so.

When I got by myself and dived into my own space after all that constant being with people 12 hours a day,
just listening to the music we had enjoyed......
I just got higher and higher.... high as a kite.

I am feeling orgasmic.

Now we know that we can dive into our own depths and just bliss out.

I am listening right now to Get What You Give by The New Radicals (Surf's Up movie's ending theme, and my new favorite song in the world) over and over, and reliving that 5-Day vibe......
Wow..... those guys are blissed out on music.

I am laughing...... we'd dive into these deep spiritual places, then we came out of it ready to rock.
We'd ditch the spiritual music, put on the pop, soul, and rock music that is really inspired, and dance our asses off for over an hour, then go out in the yard and lie down in silence, feeling the incredible vibration that had built up.

Of Roxanne, third from right....
..... what can I say?
Just go see her amazing talent, that has attracted viewers from 70 countries, at http://www.beachwalks.tv

I just watched her latest video about math, and it is incredible, fabulous, inspired, brilliant!!!!!

Roxanne said that at the 5 day retreat, she realized she's been living 1 foot away from a parallel universe of pure joy.

Now I feel like I've stepped into an even GREATER universe of joy after seeing her videos.

I've had an upgrade just from being with these people for 5 days. I can't wait to see what we all create together.

And Alex (on the right) said she'll come assist at the September 5th U.K. program with me,
and then show me around Italy, where she once lived for a year.
I have this thing about going to Italy, but wanted someone to go with me!!
They know how to live there. Just live, eat, love, laugh.
It will be heaven.

Who else wants to come assist and play?

It felt like Flo re-birthed herself during the initiation.
Really....... it felt, sounded, and looked like childbirth.

A mere few hours later, The Presence was speaking through her with such clarity.

Josh, Alex, and Sandra's "causeless bliss" laughter was so contagious, it got us all high.

I am in awe of all of them ...... whew...... words can't express.

Lisa said when the people came to receive Divine Openings on the last day, and she turned her hands on, it actually blew her away how intense it was..... very different from just practicing turning them on. When there are people there, it comes on stronger. It knows it's got a place to go!!!

Here they are giving their first Divine Openings out in the yard.

And soon this will just feel normal to them.
Oh, wow....... this is all so beautiful.

I've had a big breakthrough. Now I can be in deep, deep silence and normal outward mode at the same time. It used to take ALL my circuits to lead a 5 day. For two weeks in advance, and during it, I couldn't do anything else. And now it is just a cake walk -- a party, really -- a veritable sensual delight. Wheeeeee!

We've added two movies: Surf's Up, and Yanni Voices. You've got to get these, but I've noticed they don't always have the same effect on people who haven't had this experience.

I told these past few groups that they are standing on the shoulders of the previous participants, who did it back when it was harder....... back then they had to lay around like boneless chickens most of the first 4 days, and 10 minutes of physical activity tired them out.

Now, we'll dance full out for over an hour, and need little rest.

Each time the collective lifts, it becomes easier for everyone who follows.
I can only imagine how easy and joyous the California 5 day will be.

Many of you probably felt this one, just because you are a part of our collective.
We hope you surfed the wave of it!
Hang ten!


Mucho Mucho Love,

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