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Increase Your Intuition and Spiritual Guidance for a More Successful, Fulfilled Life

How can I increase my intuition?

Is intuition a masculine or feminine energy?

How does intuition serve us in daily life, money, love, family, and career? Is intuition spiritual guidance?  

by Lola Jones

deep diveI'll be a speaker in a summit on intuition soon. To prepare, I was sent some questions, which I've answered below, and then I expanded on them.

I thought you'd enjoy this preview. And I look forward to seeing you at the summit. Then in the retreat, webinars and Portals we'll take a deeper dive!

define intuition vs. logic

From the energy perspective:
  • Intuition is pure RECEIVING which is FEMININE. It's magnetic and allowing so the answer comes to you without effort and without thinking.
  • Logic is an ACTIVE which is MASCULINE. Your brain has do lots of thinking, and you "go after the answer," analyze, sort, process, and work for it. 

More ways to distinguish intuition and logic:

  • Logic takes you through step 1, 2, 3, etc. to deduce the answer: 10.
  • Intuition lets you relax and allow, and the answer comes: "It's 10.”
  • Intuition is also called spiritual guidance because it comes from the Non-Physical unlimited Mind. Intuition is "knowing without knowing HOW you know". It's non-linear, without the logical sequential steps to get the answer. I often call it Direct Knowing. 
  • Logic is conjured by the limited physical brain, so it's slower and more linear and labored. Science and physics has mostly excluded the Non-Physical, demanding that everything be limited to the tangible physical.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." Einstein 

Imagination lets intuition express in ways other than words, and knowledge is usually just logic.

What are some ways to strengthen my intuition? 

  1. #1 most powerful: Silence clears an open, empty, receptive space in the busy, crowded mind for intuition to land. A runway covered with clutter and debris prevents a mighty jetliner full of treasures from landing in your mind. An effortless deep dive in the 5 Day Silent Retreat is a huge start on creating permanent space for intuition to land in you. You open up the channels to your Large Self's guidance, allowing you to receive more of it. It's been available to you all along - but it's as if you've had a noisy, staticky radio station drowning it out. 

    In silence I got really tapped in, and when I emerged, everything I did just worked. I didn’t question why I was pulled to do what I did. I just followed that flow. In No-Mind your become one with your whole Large Self - the Source of your intuition. Still your mind. Stop the noise. Get “out of the way.” Now I get you there in just 5 days in the 5 Day Silent Retreat

  2. Also vital: Emotional and mental energy that is tied up by the mind's incessant chatter, worries, stresses, and past hurts needs to be freed up into useable energy. Having less emotional/mental distortion lessens interference and error, and increases the accuracy of your intution. The 5 Portals do that quite well. 

  3. Tap into your feminine energy, your Goddess Power in the Goddess Course (and the Goddess Webinars.)

  4. Focus more on the Non-Physical, beyond mind, beyond the physical. Logic is all bound up in physical precedence and proof. Intuition and guidance aren't bound by those limits. They tap into pure possibility. Portals 4 and 5 accomplish that. 

  5. This process is well known in more enlightened scientific circles:

    WORK: brain work, study, learn, explore, research, gather facts, busy brain.
    STOP: no thoughts/no mind/no work. Let it go, stop thinking about it, change focus, relax, flow state, relaxed brain waves, meditate, nature, walk, run, PLAY.
    AHA: breakthrough, insight, intuition.
    REFINE: Try it, apply it, test, repeat. There may still be more rounds, refinements, expanding on it, course corrections, and next steps. 

What is it like to have strong intuition?

I'll share my experience. Intuition gives me a feeling of support and confidence, trust in myself and my thoughts and ideas.

Even if the whole plan isn't laid at my feet all at once I know it will unfold as I go along, step by step. As I take inspired or guided action more answers show up in front of me. I experiment and adjust my course, intuitiing my way along.

Intuition rarely comes in words, it usually comes in RAW ENERGY; feelings, nudges, "the flow is this way - follow it!" We interpret it, try it out, and adjust. When I'm giving webinars or retreats I just feel moved, even compelled to say or do things even if I've never known or said them before. I do it without questioning or analyzing why. It works. 

  • Most guidance comes in pieces, not all at once, or we can’t receive all of it at once.

  • We don’t always interpret it 100% accurately because we're human and our beliefs, biases, limitations, and expectations get in the way. That's why Empty Mind you get from the 5 Day Retreat is so powerful. 

Before webinars and retreats, I don't plan, I just intend the benefits that the participants need, and get out of the way, so that what comes through is not just my human self and brain, it's my Large Self, where intuition comes from. The words come out perfectly. I line up my energy and relax, and let the intuition flow through my words and energy. It's much more getting out of the way than actively doing anything.

Decide what you want or need, and align with the energy of having it first. Then relax and let the answers come to you, or simply play out as you go, or appear in front of you.

This does require believing in yourself. The 5 Portals and Retreats accomplish that.

You can be happy no matter what. But success, abundance, ease definitely increase with intuition. 

Can you lose your ability to tap into your intuition?

NO. You can think you lost it, but what actually got lost was you. When people say they lost their connection to God I always say,Large Self is always right there, it doesn’t go anywhere - YOU DO." Same with your intuition. 

Mabye you got in the way by thinking too much, giving no silence and space for insight, trying or working too hard, your mind being too noisy. Tension tightens you up and narrows the channel. Intuition happens with relaxing, softening, and allowing. 

It's always right there. So come home. Refocus. Recommit. Make space for it. Get out of the way.

What is synchronicity?

Serendipity is when seeming coincidences line up magically. It happens because everything communicates with everything on the energy level. The right people, places, info, and things show up at the right time for you easier when you’re in alignment with your desire, in alignment with the universe, in the flow. The only variable is you. Are you in that flow with the All That Is?

How did you develop your intuition?

I got silent, got empty and clear, and mountains of emotional blockage out of the way; then I could perceive the intuition. I didn't do anything to make it happen. It had been there all along - I had simply been distracted and my bandwidth hogged by emotional and mental junk.

I didn’t try. I didn’t add or learn anything. I got out of the way.

Divine Openings gets you and your emotional pain and mental junk out of the way that was blocking it or drowning it out. Then you can tune to your Larger Self, and it can lead you and guide you. That’s how Divine Openings works in general. The more you open the more you discover what’s been there all along, waiting for you. 

Clarity, Direct Knowing, oneness with Source, and feminine receiving are pieces of intuition. Gifts and talents show up or increase. 

Both intuition and logic are extremely valuable.

Using a blend of both is most effective. I do not reject logic. They work hand in hand.

The greatest scientific innovations often came through using logic AND intuition. Scientists (and businesspeople) would analyze data, think hard, and experiment for months, and that got them deeply aligned with the desire for the answer. The answer would come when they were NOT thinking about it or trying at all, for instance while taking a shower or walking through the park.

Logical business types often use intuition/gut feeling to come to conclusions but may be reluctant to say that publicly; they justify their conclusions with logic, and find the data to rationalize it. The Enlightened Business Course helps you use your feminine intuition and your masculine logic for business success.

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