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Is instant enlightenment what you want?

You want it all, and you want it fast. 

Or you think you do.
But imagine this:
Everything you ever wanted in life shows up today...
All of it.
And then that's it.
Nothing else new or good can ever happen for the rest of your life.
Because you have it all, you've done it all.
How would that feel?

Life is flow, movement, and evolution.
When flow stops, there is no life.

overflowing house

Endedness, total completion, is essentially death.
Maybe it's best to stop looking for the end.
To stop looking for "over, done, there, complete."
Start savoring this moment, this opening, this new development.
Can you imagine, if The Presence was a person, which it's not, hearing it say, "Geez, I wish this Creation would be complete, done, over, so I could retire and.... 
...and what???"

Savor the gradual unfolding,
because there's always more coming.
It's never over.

Verena's been immersed in Divine Openings for years, and recently became a Divine Openings Guide. She just shared on the Forum:  

"This Webinar was for me probably the deepest experience since I started Divine Openings. I know that everything so far was needed for to be able to open up and experience this. And now it feels like overflowing... I feel a huge shift in my complete experience of life. Like, "now it is only the beginning.“ Amazing! Thank you so much Lola! I will continue playing with this. This is so Jumping the Matrix- Portal 4!"

What if you savored and
celebrated each new beginning?
Why wish for the end?

I just had an opening to more sexual pleasure--at 65!
Out of the blue, no trying. 
And there's more. There always is.
Scott and I have an intention as a couple: Endlessness.
Not perfection, not completion. We're endless.
That's in the flow with LIFE, of evolution.
The mind doesn't like letting go all at once anyway, so gradual expansion is gentler and less disruptive to your sense of reality.
I had fun creating a graphic for you (below) with the energy of "letting more in endlessly." It will give you a Divine Opening, which you know how to receive if you've read the book.


PS -- It's impossible to find everything on the site (80,000 pages) and in the books that needs updating, so the latest recommendation is two weeks between Divine Openings. 
But this is your best guideline: There's no rush. Don't get the energy going faster than you can release resistance to it. Assimilate deely and apply it in your life before rushing ahead.

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If it seems it's all about becoming better, or learning lessons, or earning ascension, get a life! Life is for living, and once you begin living, you forget all that stuff that somebody told you you were supposed to do (it wasn't your idea). You lose interest in books and seminars and seeking. You're too busy living.
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