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An Important Message For Our Times in The U.S.

Hi Ya'll,
Having just emerged from a deeply blissful 5 Day Silent Intensive, I felt moved to speak some soothing to those who are worried about the "economy".

First of all, blessings and love to any who are in fear or distress or powerlessness. And we celebrate with you who are standing in your power, free and clear. Now, more than ever, with the media going all out with doomsday messages, it is vital to keep your vibration up and your mind focused on what you want, not on what you fear -- no matter what the appearances are on the surface of "reality". Even if you have no money at this moment, your power is still there, within you. Even if you lost your investments or house, your power is still there, within you. Answers come out of nowhere when you let go and let The Divine do the heavy lifting. Solutions are always there, if you're willing to let them in. Things can shift overnight, but for most people it's a gradual process. Once you make your decision and get the nose tipped up, it's a little better every day.

Even when outer appearances take a downturn, if you keep the nose tipped up, a next step appears, and you are steadily on your way to a better day -- always. It may mean letting go of things you didn't want to let go of, but better things will come. Letting any outside reality determine the way you feel or the course of your life, is giving your power away in a big way. Refuse to give your power to any outside circumstance. Just on principle, don't do it!

In the midst of challenge, just make your mantra, "MY power is within, not out there. My power always comes back to me when I feel the feeling fully, without the story, and reclaim my power deliberately. That feeling I thought was fear is now surging through my body as pure power. I feel my power returning to me, from where I had given it away."

Remember that this is a new era, with wholly new possibilities.

The illusion of reality is being layered on thicker than ever,but it is cracking up. And it needs to. It's time. It's like the scenes in the movie, where the Matrix is breaking up. Some of us have already seen it break up in our world.... and others of us are still buying into the old reality.

Things are shifting, and the old is breaking down. It must break down so that the new can come in. It could get very intense for those who keep buying into the old  outer reality. Stay in your center.

There is always a still, silent calm at the center of your being, just as there is always calm even at the eye of a hurricane. Spend time every day, breathing deep into that silence, drinking in the peace, communing with The Presence. When you go to that still, silent center regularly -- or better yet, live there most of the time -- you will be OK, no matter what. You're not escaping, you're realligning with the only true reality. The noise outside is not the truth. That stillness is Pure Truth.

You can help others find their strength and power too, when you are powerful. You lead best by demonstrating it. When you are in fear or thrown off your center, you can't help yourself OR anyone else.

I would particularly suggest that you don't even look at the media if it tips the nose of your plane down. My whole life, I've never viewed media, and never suffered one bit from that. It's all such a joke. People say, "But I have to know what's going on." And I say, "But why? You choose the reality you will live in, and you are the author of your destiny. What's on the news is what's going on for those who let others choose their reality. Do you want more of that?" And even if you believe in and buy into that U.S. mass media reality, once those things have happened, it's too late to do anything about them anyway. Choose what you want to have in your reality now and tomorrow.

When politicians pull scare tactics, don't buy it.
It's a common strategy to stage (fabricate) a big scare just before an election.
Just for instance, a staged attack could be created to try to make you think you need protection
-- to make the public fearful. Or some negative information could be made up.
Such tactics won't work on you, if you do not buy into any fear or negativity, for any reason.
You do not need protection from anything or anyone.

Your safety comes from within.
Your safety is determined by your
attunement to the Source of all life --
to the natural flow of good that doesn't depend on politics
or the market.

Stay tuned inward, not outward.
Claim your power
and vote it within yourself as well as out there.

Your safety rests in your own inner knowing and your own inner connection. Governments are really good at making you think if you give all your freedom and power to them, you will be safe. But what really happens then is you have no power. Enough people give their power away, and say, "Oh protect me!" and democracy is eroded.

  • Don't do a spiritual bypass if you are in fear. Don't pretend you aren't feeling fear.
  • Dive in and feel the fear fully, without the story.The Presence is with you as you do this.
  • Delay action until you are at a higher vibration.
  • Refuse to listen to or talk doom and gloom with friends.
  • Talk about what you want and what you can do.
  • Have a strong vision that overpowers the vision of what you don't want.
  • You will feel empoweredif you stay focused on what you want, NOT on the problem.
  • Do your Diving In practice to move through fear. Once that fear charge is neutralized and you are raised to a higher vibration, you can hear the guidance within you, in the crystalline clear silence.
  • If you need support, call into a group Divine Openings call. They are extraordinarily powerful.
  • Get the support you need from people who uplift you, and avoid those who don't.
  • If you feel moved from within, organize a local grassroots effort to do something that makes a difference. But you will always be OK no matter who is in office.

Develop your ability to know things you need to know, BEFORE they happen. You can FEEL things coming months in advance when you're tapped in. Listen to your inner radio. The feelings you feel are literally your Instrument Panel -- your guide to what the The Presence within you is trying to tell you. It gives me all the news I need long before things happen. I was prepared for this economic shift many months before it hit. I felt it, asked what to do, got the guidance, and followed it wth time to spare, so it is not affecting me. And I've been helping those who would be helped.

Divine Openings gives you that ability to feel what's coming, if you do it consistently until you master it. Grace does 90% of the work. Your part is 10% at most.

Let The Divine Intelligence within you inspire and direct your life, your every move -- not the media, and not your mind. Choose the world you want to live in and then let The Presence bring it to you, rather than letting someone tell you what is real, what's possible, and what's not possible for you today. The media has always selected the worst news and focused on it. Ever noticed that we aren't shown the billions of happy people living wonderful lives each day? Interesting how many images of fear and violence are shown. Are we shown empowering possibilties? If not, we must make our own news, our own choices, and choose our own focus.

Ask within, let go, and abandon all your old concepts, even the cherished ones you've hung onto. Get empty. Listen carefully within, and be willing to ACT ON IT! Vote, speak out, and say what you want on all levels, first with your vision on the inner and then with your matching, inspired action on the outer. Mesh the two.


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