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I'm So Happy I Could Dance In The Streets!!!

I knew we'd all be OK no matter who won the elections..... our fate doesn't depend on anything "out there", and knowing that is ultimate power. But I am absolutely ecstatic to see a high vibration, high consciousness person win the Presidential election.

You won't hear me say anything political again for a long time, but I have to rave about how I really feel about this. I have to celebrate. It won't be the first time I didn't fit the stereotype of a spiritual teacher. I am just so happy! This may be the biggest shift in our nation in my lifetime. Now we can be respected by the world once again. I was starting to say I was Canadian..... just kidding, but only a little.

Let's rave to the rafters and raise the roof with joy! Let's create a wave of optimism that washes away the past and lifts the world to a whole new level. Celebrate, people! Expand it, increase it, wrap the planet in it!

The whole world is dancing in the streets, I hear. So many in the world are surely glad we'll be minding our own business for a change! Obama is one who would talk and negotiate with another country if we had a legitimate problem with them. He'd work it out rather than start a war. Seems logical enough to us.

He's not one to even label them "enemies", nor attack for money, power, or pride. I was beginning to wonder what century we were in there for a while. Now, there will be more civil liberties, and less dossier building on dissenters. In Michael Moore's movie, Sicko, a high up retired politician said that in France, the government is afraid of the people and jumps when the people say jump, whereas in the U.S. the people are afraid of the government. That just changed.

The losing candidate said recently, "We don't need to prove ourselves to the world. We know who our enemies are, and they know us." That very consciousness should be more frightening than any terrorist. That consciousness that labels entire countries as "our enemies", and believes its own stories about it, has just been taken out of power. Yahooooo! Now we don't have any "enemies". We might have some people we disagree with. There's always hope in that. Imagine -- letting the rest of the world have its own opinions and handle its own business, even if we don't like it.

Esther Hicks channeling Abraham once said that every President is a vibrational match for the population. At the time that was a very sobering thought. It's better news now. Obama's election tells me that in the past eight years the nation's vibration has risen significantly. And you helped. Every one of you who became more enlightened, elevated 100,000 others. You helped lift the collective when you moved through and out of fear -- so that you didn't buy the mass fear story anymore, and you didn't believe that we needed enough national security to get us trillions in debt, and we didn't need to sacrifice young lives for financial interests, or get stuck in low-vibrational revenge. You didn't buy it that we needed to bail out the friends of the administration while millions lost their homes, savings, investments, and jobs.

I didn't get the whole terrorist fear thing, once I got over the initial shock of 9/11. I watched the government here cause hundreds of times more terror than the so-called terrorists for seven more years. We killed more of them than they did of us, too. Nothing happens out of the blue.

It was a lot like our irrational fear of sharks. Humans eat thousands of times more sharks than the other way around..... very weird isn't it? Thanks to all of you for not buying mass media's version of reality. Thanks for sending a big message that we are not going to give away freedom for protection we don't need.

No one is perfect, but the optimism is now palpable. It feels like an explosion of energy. I feel the nation waking up and taking back its power. I continue to envision reform of the financial system, and abolition of the Federal Reserve Bank (a private bank that controls the entire economy. Yes, it is privately owned, and is not a governmental entity at all. (Don't worry about it, just see it changed.)

I continue to envision jobs, health, freedom, and prosperity for all. All that energy you threw out there when you were in need was heard, and now you're letting in the answers to your needs. It's coming.

Now, there's a chance that even those who don't know how to create their own reality are going to get a decent break. They're going to get a leg up. And it's going to be easier. There will be an upward spiral the likes of which we've never seen.

Can't wait to surf this new wave of freedom, and to see this nation go on to be what our founding fathers intended the country to be.

Go out and celebrate, and keep expanding this enormous tsunami of energy. Yahoooooooo!

Love, Lola

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