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I want my xxxxxxx NOW!!!

Blog by Lola Jones

I know. You want it now.

Fill in the blank with whatever it is that's driving you crazy because it's not here yet, despite all your efforts: your enlightenment, your million, your lover, your peace of mind,  your patience (smile).

Just this week I talked with several clients about how to soothe themselves when they feel it's just taking too darn long for "it" to show up.

Sweating it ..... prolongs the waiting! We talked about how you MUST find creative ways to savor the waiting. You must soothe yourself “in the meantime”.

You MUST enjoy the journey.

The journey turns out to be 99% of your LIFE!

When you sweat the wait, your vibration drops, and you literally reverse your progress. When you savor the waiting, you speed up the arrival or good things ..... or at least you're so much happier that it seems to come sooner!

Yogananda once said, "You send out angels to do your bidding, then you send assassins after them to kill them."

The assassins are the complaints and laments that "it's not here yet," and the beliefs that "it can't happen for me."

You've seen those movies where the guy wants to recall the hit man
he hired, but can't find him, and all kinds of shenanigans ensue. You can begin to "recall" those assassins by insisting on focusing on what is working, what is good about that annoying person, what signs you see that what you want is coming, and noting what has already come.

Every time we notice what's lacking, we turn around and go backwards.

Don't take score if the score isn't a point for you. Only take score when it helps you. Psst… you can cheat that way. It's OK. “Reality” is far overrated. And it's over-worshipped.

If Martin Luther King and Ghandi had focused on the reality around them, on the evidence that their mission was impossible, rather than on the dreams they had, their dreams might never have become the new reality.

They focused on what they wanted, in spite of all evidence, until it became reality. And it didn't happen overnight. It is funny, though, that often, once you ket go and let The Divine do the heavy lifting it shows up very quickly. My clients call it "putting it on the God list."

Your current reality is what you created last week, last month, last year. It's history, not reality. If you didn't like it, you probably created it unconsciously, from programming you didn't even know you had. You may not have known just how damaging complaining that "It's not here,." This is not right." These are a few of the many ways people create things they don't want.
They don't mean to.

Why give all your power away to something you created?

Don't even resist or lament what you created. Just create something else.

Lola Jones is a spiritual teacher with a gift to open people to receive Divine Grace. This leads to rapid enlightenment and the resolution of issues and problems.

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