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It Doesn't Happen Until You Stop Working On Yourself!

Very often someone gets a big insight and says to me, "I didn't realize I had carried the old paradigm of working on myself right over into Divine Openings..... then I suddenly realized I had made Divine Openings into just more working on myself! Soon as I stopped working on myself and started living it all fell into place and I was suddenly THERE. I just got out of the way!"


It's so typical of us humans to end one relationship, and then just create a similar one with a completely new person, and it doesn't end up being new at all. We make them into the old person by vibrating the old way.

We take the old paradigm, the old beliefs, the old unconscious expectations, the old habits of being..... with us.

We get a new job and it turns out too much like the old one. We take our old reality into a new situation and becomes the old reality. People even manage to do that with Divine Openings sometimes.

If you've been doing Divine Openings long, enlightenment is right in front of your nose! Take it! Relax!

I seriously mean it when I say I stopped working on myself five years ago. I stopped seeking and let go. I stopped grasping and relaxed.

I arrived, but I am still evolving. The evolution is faster than lightning now that I don't work on myself! Some details have unfolded over the five years. That is OK! It doesn't have to all happen today. Then what would I have to look forward to?

Wake up, yes.
Get more aware, yes.
Open your heart more every day, yes.
Keep expanding and evolving, yes.
Live more fully, yes.
Set intentions and let go, yes.

Come to the site and enjoy, yes.
Read the book again, yes.
Take a course and play at it, yes.
Take action on your dreams, even a little step every day, yes.

But stop working on yourself.
Working on yourself creates that you're broken, and so creates more to work ON.
Start thinking of yourself as wonderful now, and getting better every day.
Powerful now, and getting more powerful every day.
Divine Openings (reading the book, taking courses) puts you on the Automatic Download Program!

Then you can stop working on yourself and experience the fastest ride, the biggest evolution, of your life.

If you've been in Level 1 for a long time, you could get stuck in the spin cycle. Move on to Level 2 and it will blow you out of that. It is so not like working on yourself that no matter how hard you tried to make it into work, you can't. Level 2 won't even let you do that.

Level 2 Online is completely different material than Level 1. Read about it.

Enjoy life and rave about what's happened so far, and that brings more of it!
I mean it!
Just enjoy!

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Give very little attention (and no respect) to what most people call reality." That's just the visible end product that spurted out the spout into the material world. The "real reality" is at the non-physical Source."
Lola Jones