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I felt nothing during my Divine Openings but things are moving in my life

If You Couldn't Feel Anything...

This page is helpful for those who say, "I felt nothing during my Divine Openings."

There are several reasons why some do not feel a Divine Opening working on them, or feel the bliss from it:

  • Numbness they were unaware of. As the numbness is melted away, they become aware.
  • For some people the Divine Opening has a lot to melt through before they can feel their feelings.
  • Some people are more resistant and have difficulty letting it in. If they hang in there it always works.

It works at a deep level.

  • The Divine Openings work on you at many levels, and some levels cannot be perceived by human senses. It's always working, sometimes you just can't tell until later.
  • Even at the advanced levels, we can't always feel a Divine Opening with our human senses.
  • When the Divine Opening is working on you at levels you can't feel, you experience things shifting in your life over time, slowly or quickly.
  • The flashy experiences some have do not mean they're getting more than you.
  • Don't take score, Divine Openings always works once you get out of the way.
  • Overall we suggest you remain in an open, curious state of anticipation.
  • If you go into worry and doubt you contradict the Grace that's trying to flow.
  • Do the conscious mind parts of Divine Openings to "stay out of the way."

"Well, I never did get an initial 'High'. I don't think I realized how depressed I was....or the lack of power and sense of self I have felt for many many years. That sounds terrible. I really believe that my belief about how a good Christian should live had a lot to do with my belief that 'long suffering' and self sacrifice was the IDEAL. I have made much progress, considering my background. I do enjoy the online retreat course Portal 1, and I learn so much every time I go to the modules!" 
Thank you for offering so much, Orbra

"Hi Lola, I love your book, thank you. Well I'm half-way through my second trip through the book.  I have not felt anything each time I did a Divine Opening. My entire life I have lived at such a low vibration (happiness is something that is very foreign to me) that I think there is much to release and let go of as I slowly make my way up the ladder. But other things are going kapow in my life! I have been blessed with opening a Women's healing center with my dearest friend. 

After many years of trying to make it on my own in business as a nutritionist, the universe just opened up this wonderful idea of my friend and I partnering and I am just amazed at how the flow of abundance has come to me, not just financially. So far I am just barely making my rent, but I am making it! 

And the amount of ideas that have come and exploded is amazing. And so is the amount of women who are just finding this place and we haven't even advertised. But best of all, my heart is opening for the first time in 37 years, I am starting to feel and not just depression and anger or anxiety or fear anymore. I feel like I am on the precipice of truly claiming my life for me, of stepping out of hiding and really living life ~ feeling life, not just watching life. Much love and blessings to you, and thank you for following the universe with the gift you have been given to share with the world. It has touched me so deeply that right now I am crying. And I now that I can not hide from the world what the universe has offered me as a gift.  I too have to share it with the world." Kristi

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When you ask for something, everything that isn't that" jumps up--a gift to show you the resistance. Use your Divine Openings tools to release resistance."
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