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How We Train The Brain To Feel Certain Ways

My good friend Penny is researching for a movie about the miraculous modality called T-Touch that she uses on animals, but this article she sent me has far greater implications for humans. It's about the stories we tell ourselves, and the profound physical effect they have on our brains.

Dear Lola, I know that you don't need any type of "proof" for your experience or beliefs.But I am researching science and TTouch for the movie, and found this on the Internet. I thought it fascinating. It so reinforces your concept that you train yourself to bliss -- or whatever state of being you desire to exist in. Yes, Divine Grace helps us release the old junk, and yet we do our part when we keep choosing stories to reinforce our new choice of bliss ...... to rewire our body/mind to the new way of being.                   Love, Penny

The New Brain: How The Modern Age Is Rewiring Your Mind
"Experience Design" and the Brain

Our experiences literally change the physical structure of our brain. The physical operations and functions of the brain are innately connected to the narratives (stories) we create in order to explain and try to make sense of our lives. Designing learning experiences, then, also means to re-design the brain. Suzuki indicates that some of the narratives (stories) we have created are virulent. This is also true of social networks. He reminds us that science, for all the benefits, has also come with a terrible cost to humanity. This means that science, and its explanations and stories, cannot be an end unto itself - it can't explain everything - and it needs to build connections with other ways of knowing and understanding the world.

The antidote is to craft new stories, and therefore a new brain. When we write ourselves a new story we are not only creating a new narrative, but literally rewiring our brains as well. This new neural narrative causes changes in our mind, our bodies, and our emotions. Moreover, it causes change in our behavior and actions, and ultimately in the way we build relationships with others and the world around us.

Penny Stone and I will be co-leading the Divine Connection With Animals Retreat January 26-28, 2008. Penny has helped me rewire brains and create miracles with my animals, and I've helped her succeed more in her life. (Most important, we have a lot of fun together.)

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