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How to Reach Higher Consciousness, Definition, How do I attain, spiritual mastery

What Is Higher Consciousness?

Definition: Higher consciousness is an evolved, intelligent, resourceful way of perceiving and creating our world. It's not limited by the small human mind. It taps into Divine Intelligence and intuition, even Direct Knowing. It keeps expanding if you keep evolving.

With Divine Openings higher consciousness is not a pale theoretical process or intellectual pursuit; you experience it. You enjoy rich, precious, enhanced life experiences. While it's different for everyone, at expanded levels of consciousness you're generally more aware, intuitive, guided, grounded, joyful, fulfilled, powerful, and feel more in control of your world.

Your higher consciousness manifests as a better life with Divine Openings, because Divine Openings is practical by intention.

Einstein said that a problem is never solved in the same consciousness that created it. We'll put some words in his mouth, but we think he'd agree: with Divine Openings you don't so much solve problems as graduate to a higher consciousness where those problems don't exist.

If you already have no problems, you simply move up to a higher consciousness where even more of your latent gifts and talents can bloom.

As you expand into higher and higher consciousness, you begin to live in a reality of more Grace, joy, and ease. As your consciousness expands, you gain the luxury to stop working on yourself, processing, studying, struggling, and seeking, because those problems and challenges of the old consciousness don't exist in the higher consciousness.

We sometimes laugh that you graduate to "high class problems" that most people would consider no problems at all.

People In More Than 150 Countries Are Experiencing Higher Consciousness Through Divine Openings.

How to Reach a Higher Consciousness

If you dream you lost your car keys, it seems absolutely real in the dream. You want to get somewhere, and you're stuck - you can't start your car. But when you wake up, you don't search for your car keys because you know that problem existed only in the limited consciousness of that dream.
Your old reality is like that dream, and Divine Openings is exactly like awakening from that dream into an expanded consciousness that sees more of the big picture than you saw in the dream. Once you wake up, it's a different world. Your new reality operates at a higher consciousness, outside the old metaphysical, spiritual, personal development rules, it doesn't matter how long you've been seeking, or whether you just began last week.

People often say that the second and third times they read Lola Jones' groundbreaking book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence, they understand more of it each time. That's an example of higher consciousness. Your mind is more open, flexible, and able to grasp new things.

You actually ascend out of the old world as you knew it. That world was a product of the old consciousness--the old way of being, thinking, and vibrating. In your new alternate reality, the people around you, and the way things "work" is tangibly different. The shift happens remarkably fast, days or weeks for many. It doesn't take a long time for anyone, because The Divine does the heavy lifting.

Beyond spirituality. Beyond religion. Divine Openings is a way of living that works.

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The goddess Namakkai revealed to unschooled clerk Srinivasa Ramanujan volumes of mathematical breakthroughs. It stunned the academic world because the equations just "came to him."
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