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How Much Of Your Power Do You Want To Reclaim?

Some inspired questions were asked by this most recent group at the 5 Day Silent Intensive Retreat (they write me notes while they're in silence), which gave me the wonderful opportunity to bring in some inspired answers from The Presence.

Here's one of the most powerful questions, and the answer that came:

Someone asked, "This is about the Law of Attraction. When I'm in a relationship, business partnership, or friendship with someone, aren't we co-creating it? I didn't create all of it, did I? I can't be solely responsible for it, can I? Aren't I only 50% responsible for how it goes?"

As the question sank in, a big mischevous grin crept over my face as the answer came in, "Well, first consider: there is not just one reality. The answer is different depending on the reality you're participating in. In one reality, all your friends, famous experts, and scores of books would agree with you that it was only half your creation, and it would seem totally justified to believe that."

"But here's the important question: What does that do to your power? Does that make you the powerful creator of your own reality, or does it make you a victim who can be messed up by another person, and you're powerless because they can "affect your reality"? Do you want to invest in the belief that others can create in YOUR reality?

What is the truth about Law of Attraction in a co-creative circumstance?"

"Yes, in the old paradigm (which much of humanity lives in and by) you are correct; it's only half your doing. In the new paradigm, though, by taking 100% responsibility, you get to be the one and only author of your reality. Either reality you choose can be true for YOU (but not for everyone else - they get to choose their own.) So your friend can be perfectly "right" in her reality, giving half her power to the other person, while you are also perfectly "right" living in your reality where you claim all of your power and give none of it away to others."

"You choose your reality, then you live by the rules of that reality. Do you want to live in the old reality where you're not responsible for your reality, or do you want to live in the new reality where you are the creator of everything in your life? When you choose, your reality bends to your intentions. You decide."

Now, we're all human, and we all occasionally want to pass the buck. "The Law of Attraction can't be working right here! I couldn't have possibly have created that mess! They did it!" That's OK, welcome to the human race. But you might want to catch yourself before you throw away too much power. Even if the President has created a government policy that affects you, you get to decide how much that actually, in reality, disempowers you, or not. Just on principle, you might want to decide the President cannot create in your reality. Then life will line up plenty of evidence to support your decision, and Heaven and Earth will move to prove your power and disprove your victimhood. You give up being right about how wrong the President is (not helpful to you), but you get to be right about something way more important: your power (very helpful to you).

Feel what's behind that question about who's responsible for the creation between the two people? Is it an attempt to be relieved of half the responsibility, and be able to say you're at least half not-responsible, which makes you only half-wrong and them at least half-wrong. The whole right and wrong issue is a trap the mind gets us into, and there is no happy way out of it. Making them co-responsible is essentially giving half your power to them.

Of course Law of Attraction always lines us up in perfect synchronized orchestration with others who perfectly dovetail with our vibration. Of course the victim is always matched up with the villain. But the vital point is: what gives you the most power? Making the villian responsible, flatly assigning blame, being right, and leaving it at that?.... or becoming conscious about how you have vibrated victimhood, and raising your own vibration?

Interesting, huh?

Are you wanting to be relieved of half the burden? Or hand over half the fault (and half the power) to them? Are you wanting to be validated that it wasn't all your doing, as if divvying out blame properly helps at all?

It depends on how much of your power you want back, doesn't it? If you want 50% of your power back, claim 50% responsibility for how it went or is going. If you want 100% of your power back, claim 100% authorship of how it went or is going.

You might gently say to yourself something like this: "Somehow, even if I'm not clear on how, I obviously vibrated such that I attracted that person or event into my world. I vibrationally invited it and said yes to it. Somehow they or it dovetailed with what I was vibrating. Somehow I called them in to play in my game, and they did."

So how much of your power do you want too keep, and how much do you want to give away? Which reality do you want to play in? It's entirely up to you, and you will be right whatever you decide. Your decision will cause whatever evidence you need to show up. If you want evidence it's half their doing, you won't have any difficulty finding it. You'll line up plenty of verifiable, scholarly, and official evidence.

Your choices determine the reality you'll live in.

If you're well into Divine Openings, you can probably put this article into action immediately, have a breakthrough, and improve your life. If you get it intellectually, but have trouble applying it in your daily reality, Divine Openings helps you let go and let The Divine do the heavy lifting. It gives you that extra boost of Grace and light that helps you take it from "a nice concept" to successful practical application.

It's not about becoming perfect, by the way. It's not about getting to where you never make a mistake, get in a jam, or create a problem. It's not about blaming yourself or feeling bad about how you caused it if you didn't like the outcome. It's about becoming more awake, aware, conscious, powerful, effective, happy, and loving all the time.

It's about unfolding, evolving, expanding, and enjoying the progression. It's about how that makes your life better in this moment, and the next moment, and how that snowballs into better and better quality of life over time.

It's a wonderful way to live life.


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