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How Making Things Fun Dramatically Changes Reality

Me and Tamara Taylor in Florence, laughing as usual!

I was getting a PhD in the "power of fun" in my singing lessons with Guy Monroe (www.guymonroe.com, he evens teaches by phone all over the world). Fun kept me going when the going was slow. Piano lessons as a child were not fun. It was all about what was wrong, and boring drills, and the music the teacher assigned didn't turn me on. It wasn't fun. I pick my own songs with Guy, with suggestions from him.

Guy never critiques, never points out what's wrong, but always and only points you to what feels better, sounds better, and he lifts you up emotionally. He took the fear right out of singing and singing lessons and made it fun. I got where I'm not shy to sing in front of anyone, even when I'm not perfect. I got better. And better. And better.

I got really brave after a year and a half of lessons with Guy, and posted my singing progress - some recorded practice songs for you to hear. Within another year I'd written and recorded ten of my own original songs, and, whoa, people started buying them and still are!  To <ahref="all-lola-jones-music" target="_blank" rel="noopener">listen and purchase.


Then three dramatic examples of how fun alone can change reality came to me:

1. Think animals know fun? A horse friend sent me a site (it's not just for horse lovers) about how a woman trains horses, and even wins the trust of a severely abused horse, simply by finding what is fun for them. Watch The Diary Of DaVinci - Meet DaVinci, http://www.biertijd.com/mediaplayer/?itemid=16297. Think about the implications with people of all ages, dogs, cats, etc.
The photo above is me and Tamara Taylor laughing (our favorite hobby) in Florence.

2. Then someone sent me this video about an experiment to see if making the stairs more fun would cause people to choose the stairs over the escalator. Wow!!!

3. My mom visited me, and we had so much fun that her depression over my dad's passing was all but forgotten. I heard her raving, yes raving to people on the phone about how much fun she was having.

We went to art museums, music events, out to eat at fun places (not fancy places) and one place with a view of the city (see photo at right), also not fancy. You sit outdoors at picnic tables. I cut her hair in a fun, short, spiky do, gave her neck massages with warming salve, we watched fun movies, took pictures and printed them out for her, etc.

I did not coach or counsel her. I NEVER do. (You know how relatives just LOVE that...LOL.) I go for what feels good, and gently steer away from what feels bad back towards what feels good. Lots of Mother Divine hugs help too. I even had her laughing at me for making a stupid face and saying things like, "Mother! Give it a REST!" when she'd dwell on negatives or worries. Here's my beloved 76 year old mommy!

Mom was fascinated by how these herons sat on this rail the whole time we were at the restaurant.


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